Arcan ALJ2T 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Review

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arcan alj2t aluminum floor jack
There is just something about having the right tool for a job, especially when it’s good looking and highly functional. If the tool will truly be of service to you for a long time, price can matter less but it’s even nicer when the price is right! The Arcan ALJ2T 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack is just the type of tool that fits that description if you need something that will reliably jack up the vehicles that you are repairing, and it will impress your buddies to boot. This unit has a beautiful body design to it and lifts like a dream, making it one tool that you simply need to have in your garage.


Arcan is known for producing high quality automotive related tools, but their lifting jacks are really the focus as far as this company is concerned. They have a beautiful design to them that leaves their competitor’s products in the dust. The ALJ2T jack, which is featured in our floor jack buyer’s guide, is only about 50 pounds thanks to its aluminum design, which makes it easy to carry around but reliable and resistant to damage. This simple fact makes it accessible to craftsmen of all ages. In addition to this, it also means that the jack is extremely versatile due to its weight- you can even keep it in your trunk to fix flat tires on the side of the highway or any other type of emergency if you had to. It lifts anything from 3.5 inches to 19.25 inches from the ground, which will cover most vehicles on the road.

The casters on this jack are also excellent. The front has two low profile fixed casters whereas the back has a pair of 360 degree swivel casters. Another nice touch is the rubber saddle pad on top of the lifting arm, which helps protect your car from scratches and scuffs.

Build Quality

In addition to being built out of corrosion resistant aluminum, the build of the Arcan ALJ2T 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack is low profile to fit under all of the vehicles that lay low to the ground. Its hydraulic system is extremely precise as well, making it a floor jack that will be able to tackle any fine adjustments that you need to do when working on the underside of your chassis. As previously mentioned, the aluminum keeps it lightweight. You can easily see the quality on the floor jack, as the solid welds are evident throughout which are indicative of the high structural integrity of the ALJ2T. It should be noted that the ALJ2T’s handle is fairly long, which gives the user ample leverage when lifting.

Fit and finish is superb, as is par for the course for Arcan. The blue and clear anodized components nicely contrast each other and the finish is smooth and even. Overall, this jack has awesome build quality.


Overall, the Arcan ALJ2T represents a great value. Yes, we know it’s built overseas, but this is not indicative of poor quality. Quite the contrary in this case in fact. It has been compared to many USA made jacks as far as quality is concerned, but at less of a cost to you. We gravitate towards Amazon for a good price since they tend to beat out most other online stores. With a design that cannot be beat and a price point that ranks in lower than many of the jacks that you will find around in stores without compromising on quality, there are few jack manufacturers out there that can come close to beating the overall value of Arcan’s products. Generally speaking, unless you are willing to jump up a bracket in the market and start looking into purchasing professional shop-grade tools to use, it doesn’t get better.

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