Best Carburetor Synchronizer For Tuning Your Engine

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Multi-carb fuel systems can be finicky. When everything is right, they are a thing of glory. Nothing sounds like the intake whoosh of a set of Mikunis, Webers, or SUs. When things aren’t right, however, engine running can become unbalanced. Vibration, poor throttle response, and rough idle are common symptoms of improperly synchronized carburetors.

Many people are afraid of trying to sync their carburetors. We won’t go in to different methods and processes because the correct method is going to vary from one engine to another. What we can tell you is that synchronizing your carburetors isn’t something to fear. All you need is a little knowledge and a carburetor vacuum synchronizer tool.

Many fuel injected engines with individual throttle bodies (ITB) also need to be synchronized at times, and can use the same kits as carbureted engines.

While there are several methods and available tools to get the job done, we prefer to use the vacuum gauge method. The accuracy of a vacuum gauge is tough to beat, and we are normally able to get the job done much quicker this way.

The Best Carburetor Synchronizer

Vacuum carb synchronizers come in different styles, qualities and price points. While these kits are not terribly expensive, most kits will cost north of $50. Buying a good quality tool that won’t be used very often is sometimes hard to do, but in the end, you’ll always be glad you did. Inaccuracies in gauges can make synchronizing your carburetors a nightmare, so do yourself a favor and buy a high quality tool for the job.

When it comes to choosing quality tools, our pick for the best carburetor synchronizer is the ABN 9203 Carburetor Vacuum Synchronizer Tool Kit. For the money, you just can’t find anything close to the quality of this package.

The heart of the ABN 9203 kit is the gauge set. The large faces are very easy to read, even from a few feet away. The gauges feature real glass faces, which is rare in kits with price tags much higher than this one. Most tend to be plastic. The gauges are each able to be calibrated to ensure precise measurements. Furthermore, the gauges are mounted to a heavy steel base for benchtop use.

No kit would be complete without fittings, and the ABN 9203 gives you a large collection for hooking up to virtually any multi-carb system. Included in the kit are (4) rubber hoses at 8 x 5 x 750mm, (4) metal tubes at 3.9 x 52mm, (4) tubes at 3.9 x 122mm, (8) conical connectors at 8 x 40mm, (4) 10 x 53 (m6 x 0.75) tubes, and 4 10 x 60mm (m6 x 1.0) tubes. All components fit perfectly in a nice blow-molded plastic case to keep the kit together and organized when not in use.

Detailed instructions for use are included and will come in very handy the first time you use the kit. While the process is not difficult, it can take a couple tries to get right if you have never synchronized carburetors or throttle bodies before. Tuning carbs can definitely have a bit of a learning curve, especially when you start getting into triple or quadruple carb setups.

The ABN 9203 kit comes with a 1 year warranty, which means the company stands behind their product which allows you to use it worry free. It is very nice to see such high quality in a value priced tool. Overall, we can’t say enough good things about this gauge set. We highly recommend you consider the ABN unit when shopping for carb sync tools.

When it comes to finding the best price, Amazon has a price that is pretty darn attractive for the ABN 9203 Carburetor Vacuum Synchronizer Tool Kit. We typically recommend starting there as their tool prices in general tend to beat local stores by a pretty fair margin, especially when you factor in sales tax. Overall, we think you’ll be highly satisfied with the ABN carb sync tool and we are very confident to rate it highly. Happy wrenching!

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