Best Gasket Scraper for Quick and Easy Gasket Removal

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Click here to see examples of gasket scrapers.
Click here to see examples of gasket scrapers.
The head gasket is one of the most critical sealing applications on an engine. This part sits between the engine block and the cylinder heads. Its major functions are that of ensuring maximum compression by sealing the cylinders, and helping to prevent leakage of coolant or oil into the cylinders. A blown head gasket is one of the worst issues an engine can have, which is to say short of a complete engine rebuild, it’s one of the most expensive repairs around.

With a blown head gasket, you can expect engine misfires, leaking oil, and engine overheating. These are all troublesome symptoms that if ignored, may cause serious damage to your engine. Worst of all, these are only a few of the issues that may arise with a blown head gasket. The list goes on.

Unfortunately, head gasket replacement is typically a pretty difficult job. Taking your car to a local mechanic for such an issue will probably run you between $1,200 and $1,600, and much more if you take it to a dealer. If you have the time and the right tools, you can do this job yourself for a much cheaper price. But, if you choose to go this route, you will need to make sure that you have all the proper tools, because going about it the wrong way, might simply cause the same issue to arise again.

One crucial and problematic step when removing a head gasket is the removal of the grime it leaves behind on both your cylinder head and engine block. Once the head gasket is removed, you will notice tough grime that will prove nearly impossible to remove. A gasket scraper will make the removal of this grime much simpler.

Best Gasket Scraper

lisle gasket scraper
The Lisle 52000 Razor Blade Scraper is an exceptional tool, especially for this step of the removal. After removing the head gasket, this nifty tool will make the removal of this grime much easier. It as a sort of screwdriver grip that makes for easy handling, comes with five stainless steel blades, and has a spring release for easy blade interchanging.

The grip of this tool will seem very familiar. With this grip you will be able to have control of the tool, and apply serious pressure to the build up you are removing (although be careful you don’t mar your block or head). The surface prep of head gasket is an absolutely essential step; therefore removing this build up is one of the most important parts of the process.

The tool comes with five stainless steel blades so you already have more than one to work with. It will take a while before each one dulls out, but with five extra ones, you won’t have to worry about purchasing new ones for some time. As a tip, we recommend swapping your blade out frequently to reduce the amount of pressure (and related risk of marring your head or block) needed for each pass as a dull blade will take more force.

Also, Lisle has made the interchanging of the blades extremely simple with a spring release attached to the end. All you have to do is hold down on the spring release to drop the blade, and simply attach the new one. It couldn’t be made any simpler.

These awesome features and a very reasonable price make the Lisle 52000 Razor Blade Scraper the best gasket scraper there is for removing head gasket build up. Amazon’s price is pretty attractive making them worth a look so we’d recommend starting here when choosing where to buy. Overall, we think you’ll be extremely satisfied with the Lisle gasket scraper just like we are. Happy Wrenching!

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