GearWrench 85071 1/2-Inch Drive Electronic Torque Wrench Review

gearwrench electronic torque wrench
GearWrench’s experience when it comes to making wrenches is obvious from the second you pick any of their electronic torque wrenches up as they have a great track record in terms of quality of manufacturing. Accordingly, the GearWrench 85071 1/2-Inch Drive Electronic Torque Wrench is the perfect torque wrench to have on hand when you are dealing with a wide variety of fastener sizes that span a large torque range. In addition, this wrench is also extremely accurate and provides you with a beautiful backlit LCD to read and set torque targets. The features present on this torque wrench are pretty innovative and extremely handy and the fact that it is lightweight, affordable and versatile makes for an outstanding purchase in our opinion.


The GearWrench 1/2-inch drive electronic torque wrench features a sealed teardrop head design which adds greatly to its durability as well as maneuverability. The teardrop head utilizes a 60-tooth gear and 6-degree ratcheting arc, giving you excellent freedom of movement when in tight spaces. The overall ergonomics of this torque wrench is also fantastic, making it an extremely comfortable tool to use that offers effort-free access to difficult to reach fasteners. The LCD screen is sealed in a shock resistant housing, with a buzzer and green, yellow and red LED lights alert you when nearing and reaching your set torque. As you approach the target torque the LEDs light up in order. Yellow shows that you still need to apply more torque, red shows that you are nearing your target, and green with a buzzer sound alerts you that you have reached the right amount of torque. This great wrench converts foot-pound, inch-pound and Nm easily, through nothing more than the touch of a button. Torque can be read and displayed in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise manner, which is a must have feature when searching for a torque wrench. It is rated with a range of 15-250 foot-pounds of torque with high accuracy. This wrench requires four AAA batteries to run, but battery life seems to last quite some time so you don’t have to worry about constantly changing batteries which is one drawback of lesser electronic torque wrenches.

Build Quality

The construction of this torque wrench is of the highest standards, which matches the quality we have come to expect from GearWrench. It carries a lifetime warranty, which means that should any defects or damage occur, you can simply ship yours off and request a new one. The durability is outstanding, being assembled entirely in the USA (a rarity these days in the tool world). The aluminum grip is knurled to provide the user a ton of purchase on the handle and the wrench is well sealed to ensure longevity by keeping gunk out. A calibration certificate is also supplied, which is a must for a well built torque wrench. When testing the accuracy manually, one finds little to no variance between the measured accuracy stated on the certification, and the values obtained by isolated testing. Supplied with this wrench is an attractive and durable carry case, helping to keep your tool clean and your garage neatly sorted. As mentioned earlier, the battery life is outstanding, and the battery compartment is well designed, leaving little risk of the batteries falling out if you bump the wrench. The overall quality can’t be faulted, from the wrench’s metal structure all the way to the buttons.

Outstanding Value for Money

In the price range you will be hard pressed to find a better electronic torque wrench, as evidenced by the fact that it made our list of best torque wrenches. Despite the fact that the GearWrench 85071 1/2-Inch Drive Electronic Torque Wrench is hardly inexpensive, it still gives you outstanding value for money. The lifetime warranty grants peace of mind, although given the high quality it is unlikely that this torque wrench will be needing replacement anytime soon. GearWrench’s customer support is reputed to be fantastic, with any all customers being helped quickly, professionally and to their utmost satisfaction. When comparing this offering from GearWrench to other similarly priced alternatives the quality and value are clear. Once you get used to working with an electronic torque wrench you will struggle to use anything else! When it comes to finding the best price, we typically like due as they seem to be cheaper than most other retailers. Overall, if you are looking for a great torque wrench, we give this one our highest recommendation.

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