Neiko Pro 20272B Low Profile Double Plunger Floor Jack Review

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Neiko Double Plunger Low Profile Jack
It’s common knowledge that every hobbyist mechanic is going to need a suitable jack for raising their vehicle off the ground. Even if you usually just replace spark plugs or install a new serpentine belt, you will eventually find a need to get underneath the car. Maybe it will be that your shock mount goes bad or your oil pan gasket starts leaking, but something is going to happen sooner or later that will require you to access your vehicle’s underside. Fortunately, there is an incredibly huge selection of floor jacks available on the market, whether you are looking for something cheap and basic or at the top of the high performance range. Unfortunately, the vast quantity of options can make the decision a bit tough. To aid you and hopefully speed your decision making process, today we are going to focus on the Neiko Pro Double Plunger Low Profile Floor Jack. Neiko as a company has exceeded its reputation and built a strong trustable brand through manufacturing and supplying quality tools. This fact has earned them a well deserved review from us, and frankly, we love their jack.


The Neiko Pro aluminum body makes it super lightweight, which equates to less effort when maneuvering the jack around your workspace and during transporting. Most jacks are constructed using heavy duty steel, making them heavier to handle and increasing the chance of injuring yourself or damaging your vehicle. While steel has its advantages, the light weight of an aluminum jack is worth the tradeoff if you are weight conscious.

The Double Plunger is a cool hydraulic design trick that effectively means that the arm can be jacked up at double the speed with minimal effort, making it possible to reach full height with as little as 8-9 pumps. This may not seem like a great deal to a recreational mechanic who will only pull out a jack maybe once a year, but if you are someone who regularly works on cars, then having a jack that can lift a car quickly and effortlessly will save you a tremendous amount of time and energy.

The saddle comes with a rubber pad to assure the contact point of your vehicle does not get damaged during lifting. This will also help reduce the chance of dangerous slippage as the rubber will grip better as opposed to standard steel saddles with no padding.

The Neiko Pro is a low profile jack with a minimum range of 3 ½” and a maximum reach of up to 19 ¼”, which means you can raise most vehicles with low clearances. This means that you will not have to use 2 different jacks or an additional set of car ramps if you are lifting a lowered car.

The attachment handle used for raising and lowering has a knurled texture which allows the user to get good purchase on the handle while operating the jack. The lower end of the handle is covered with a protective rubber to protect your vehicle in the event that your jack handle brushes up against it. The protective cover will prevent any scratching or denting to your vehicle.

The Neiko comes with not one, but two build-in handles, one on each side, which definitely gives it extra brownie points. There is nothing worse than owning a jack that has no proper means for carrying it. Most these days have at least one handle, and we strongly recommend ruling out any that don’t or you will regret it. The Neiko passes this particular test.

For stability and easy maneuverability, the Neiko Pro floor jack comes fitted with 4 steel casters. The 2 back wheels have been designed to rotate freely to allow for easy and intuitive positioning.

Build quality

The aluminum construction of the Neiko Pro has been professionally finished with refined edges and a metallic blue coating that protects from rusting. All the parts have been securely fastened together with stainless steel fittings. In short, Neiko didn’t scrimp on quality. It’s a nicely built jack.


If you are chasing quality and top performance, you are going to have to be prepared for the hefty price tag. That said, you get a lot of jack for your money despite the high cost. It’s an all around decent value. As usual, we like Amazon as their competitive shipped price appears to be one of the better ones around (and shipping on a floor jack isn’t usually cheap!). If you have the coin then the Neiko Pro Double Plunger Low Profile Jack is a solid buy!

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