Powerzone 380035 2 Ton Steel Jack Stands Review

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powerzone 2 ton jack stands
The Powerzone 380035 2 ton steel jack stands are made of heavy duty steel capable of withstanding 4000 pounds of direct weight. Engineered to provide a wide base and sturdy frame, the Powerzone 2 ton jack stands are designed to provide a safe, reliable, and inexpensive method of holding up your car while you work safely underneath.

The Powerzone brand delivers heavy duty lifting equipment at an affordable price. From hydraulic ATV and motorcycle lifts to steel floor jacks and jack stands the Powerzone brand is well-received by both weekend warriors and seasoned mechanics alike. For a fraction of the cost of other brands, Powerzone offers the budget-minded mechanic a solid product that gets the job done.


In our opinion, the Powerzone 380035 2 ton jack stands are a decent quality automotive tool for the price. Made of heavy duty steel, the Powerzone jack stands have a lifting range of 10 3/8 to 16 3/8 inches. You can use them on vehicles with lower clearances, such as a Honda Accord or Mercedes E-class.

However, our only complaint with the quality of these stands is that the paint seems to chip off rather easily once out of the box. Instead of being powder coated, the Powerzone 380035 jack stands look more like the black color is simply spray painted on to the steel frame. This is most likely the cause of the paint chipping off so easily. Luckily, we didn’t purchase these to hang as a masterpiece above our fireplace so if this is the only minor imperfection in quality, there is no reason not to purchase the Powerzone 2 tons on this basis alone.

Altogether the heavy duty steel frame and multi-position ratcheting arms provide a sturdy and rigid support system for supporting a lifted car. Based on overall quality, we would recommend these stands to anyone looking to purchase a good quality tool that is reasonably priced.


Like any decent 2 ton jack stand on the market, the Powerzone 380035 2 ton steel jack stands feature an easy-to-use ratcheting style locking bar so that you can conveniently adjust the height of the steel arms relative to the frames. In our opinion, Powerzone’s ratcheting arms are as easy to use as they come. They don’t slip or feel unstable once set into position and you can easily adjust the height anywhere in the range.

Another great feature that we like about the Powerzone 2 ton steel jack stands is the wide base made of durable steel. Other jack stands seem too easy to be able to knock over either due to the lightweight materials they are made out of (like aluminum) or because they have a smaller base footprint. With the Powerzone jacks, you can really sense the difference in stability once they are put under load. We think that the actual street might give out before you see these stands start to give.

One nice feature about these jack stands that might get overlooked is their actual product weight. Despite being able to carry two tons of weight, the Powerzone jacks only weigh a total of 10.9 pounds. Similar products weigh an average of twelve pounds comparatively. Some of this weight savings comes from using thinner materials but in this case, the steel ratcheting arm does not have as high of a reach as some heavier products and is therefore smaller.


We contend that the Powerzone jacks are a good value in the 2-ton jack stand category and are very affordable if you buy from a major retailer like Amazon. The durable steel frames and ratcheting arms provide all the features you could want in a jack stand. With the only weakness being the finish, these do pretty well in this price range.

The quality of the heavy duty steel frame and the convenience of having a ratcheting-style locking steel bar are all that we can ask for in a sturdy 2 ton jack stand. Although the height adjustment of the steel arm is limited to six inches from base to peak, the weight savings make this limitation easier to bare. You can get a longer travel range from other products but you’ll be paying in weight savings which matters when you are lugging your tools around all day.

Altogether, we think that the Powerzone 2 ton steel jack stands are a good value. In fact, we felt that the value was good enough to include them in our guide to choosing the best jack stands. You would be hard-pressed to find a similar product on the market that can compete with the Powerzone 380035 jack stands in price, quality, features and ease-of use. We say go for it if you are thinking about pulling the trigger.

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