RAGE Powersports Black Widow Motorcycle Scissor Jack

rage powersports black widow motorcycle jack
All of us who own a motorcycle, whether we currently do it or not, want to be able to service our own bike. Aside from the knowledgeable know-how, another deterrent is the lack of safe and appropriate tools required for doing the job. The majority of motorcycles come fitted with kickstands which are sufficient for minor services. However, should you require easy access to the underside or need to remove the wheels, it is recommended to get hold of a suitable jack. The Black Widow Motorcycle Scissor Jack is a great product that made our list of best motorcycle jacks and we feel it deserves a more in depth review. The Black Widow is one of many brands that have evolved from RAGE Powersports, a company that continues to diversify and expand their line of innovative and high quality products, making their Motorcycle Scissor Jack a perfect a perfect fit for a review.


The Black Widow Motorcycle Scissor Jack is a center lifting device that is intended for positioning under the center section of your bike. It comes wrapped with a rubber platform, providing complete stability when the bike is mounted. The scissor jack has been tested by undergoing vigorous jerking while having a bike stationed on top of it, and still manages to hold its composure. In other words, this is a highly sturdy jack.

The Black Widow jack has a maximum lifting capacity of 1100 pounds. That is a great deal for a motorcycle jack that does not rely on hydraulics. It should also be noted that because this jack does not employ hydraulics, it has a high degree of reliability. You also don’t have to worry about leaks and maintenance is almost non-existent. You just have to grease the jack screw once in a while to keep it lubed.

The scissor jack can quite easily be raised and lowered using a ⅞” socket or wrench, which most of you will probably find in your tool box. The jack can reach 14” when fully extended. This is a suitable height for the overall maintenance of most bikes. When the Black Widow jack is not in use, it can be folded away for easy storage. When the jack is folded it also makes for easy transportation.

The final feature that is worth mentioning is that this jack is available with an optional dolly which simply attaches to the base of the Black Widow, allowing you to easily wheel around the scissor jack. While it’s not necessary by any means, some people may find it useful. It does add about 20 bucks to the cost though.

Build Quality

The Black Widow Motorcycle scissor jack has a weight of approximately 30 lbs. This is the typical weight you would find on the majority of motorcycle jacks of this kind. The strong steel construction is responsible for giving the jack it’s strength. In addition, the Black Widow jack is given a sexy black painted finish to prevent it from rusting. The finish is done quite well and seems to stand up to some abuse without flaking off.

Should you wish to purchase the dolly along with the scissor jack, it comes with 4 strengthened steel caster wheels which make a perfect foundation to ensure you have a secure lift. The center platform has a lowered design which means the dolly won’t add any unnecessary height, making it easy to get the jack underneath your motorcycle without any height complications.


You can pick one up for a pretty good price these days. There are surely cheaper motorcycle jacks on the market, but if you are looking for a similar style, this is a pretty good deal considering the fact that it is a pretty nice jack. We like starting the buying search at Amazon because their competitive pricing seems to give them one of the overall better prices around. In the end, if you are looking for a sleek, stylish and reliable motorcycle scissor jack, we recommend you take a look at the Black Widow.

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