The Best Car Dollies To Move Your Car

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There never seems to be enough space in the garage. Between tools, benches, projects, and parts, over the years, garages start to shrink. Maybe you need to be able to work on a couple cars at once. Maybe you are waiting on parts for your non-running project car and need to work on something else, but the non-running car is in the way and sitting on jack stands. In a case like this, having a set of car dollies can be a big help.

Car dollies are like skates for your car. Simply lift the car with a jack, slide a dolly under the tire, and lower the car off the jack. Once you have a dolly under each tire, you can easily push the car around in any direction you need to. Car dollies open up new spaces in the garage and new possibilities for projects.

Before car dollies, the only option we had was to lift a car with a floor jack – usually under the rear differential – and pull the car around the shop, hoping that the jack wouldn’t lose grip on the car and slide out. Not exactly the safest way to go about moving a multi-ton object! With car dollies, however, you can not only move a dead car around the shop, but you can do it safely and effortlessly.

The Best Car Dolly

Car dollies come in a variety of styles. Some are small, and the tire basically sits on a flat piece of steel. Some can actually lift the tire of the ground without the use of a separate floor jack. There are models with small castors, large casters, swivel castors, locking castors, and so on. Without a doubt, we believe the most important features to look for when purchasing car dollies are safety and mobility. After all, an unsafe tool has no place in any garage, and neither should an inferior tool.

Pentagon Tools 5061 Tire Skates
Our pick for the Best Car Dollies are the Pentagon Tire Skates. These car dollies are over-sized and over built, which is a very good thing when you want to set the weight of a vehicle on top of them! The base of the dollies is made of a single piece of thick plate steel with a beautiful powder coat finish. If a car tire were able to roll off of a dolly, it would be a disaster, which is why the Pentagon Tire Skates are contoured and secure the tire in place, preventing the tire from rolling off and dropping to the ground.

Another great feature of the Pentagon tire skates is the use of large, 3” swivel castors. Many garage and shop floors have seams that can stop small castors in their tracks. With larger castors, floor joints and seems in concrete are of no concern. The swivel function is perfect when you need to roll a vehicle sideways. The bearings in the castors are rated to 6,000lbs per dolly, meaning these tire skates can be used under the heavy cars such as trucks and SUV’s.

Storing the dollies when not in use is easy. There is a hole in each dolly that allows them to hang on a wall and lay flat, taking up very little wall space and keeping them off the floor. Each dolly weighs approximately 19lbs, so a strong wall hook is probably the best option for hanging them up.

Overall, The Pentagon Tools 5061 Tire Skates perform flawlessly, store easily, and won’t break the bank, which makes them our pick for The Best Car Dolly. When it comes to heavy items, Amazon’s competitive pricing tends to be most cost effective. Happy wrenching!

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