The Best Hose Pinch Pliers for Retaining Automotive Fluids

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Click here to see examples of hose pinch pliers.
Click here to see examples of hose pinch pliers.
There are numerous different kinds of liquids that are required for engine operation. Coolant, for example, is required for maintaining the engine’s temperature within operational limits. Fuel is also an essential liquid for the operation of an engine. These different liquids are transferred from location to location through hoses.

Any time you are working on components that are connected to these hoses—such as a radiator or a fuel tank—it is necessary to have a way of preserving liquids. The only other option would be to completely drain the system, but then the liquid would have to be replaced, and that could end up costing you more than you’d care to spend.

Preserving these essential liquids is actually a really simple task. There are many different tools available for such a job. One tool that is fairly easy to use and won’t cost you very much is a pair of pliers. Though, not just any old pliers will do. You will need a specially designed pair called hose pinch pliers (also commonly referred to pinch off pliers).

With a pair of pinch off pliers, you will be able to gently pinch off hoses so that none of the internal liquids can escape the system. These pliers are specifically designed to lock in place when closed. After squeezing the pliers tightly on the hose, they will lock, and prevent any liquid from escaping from the unattached end of that hose.

Best Hose Pinch Pliers

gearwrench hose pinch pliers
GearWrench makes an awesome pair of hose pinch pliers that is sure to please. The GearWrench 3793 Large Hose Pinch-Off Pliers are great because of their unique locking mechanism, comfortable handgrips, and corrosion resistant coating. For this reason, they are the best set of hose pinch pliers available.

The locking mechanism on this pair of pliers is unique because it locks automatically (similar to surgical hemostats). With other pliers, you would have set the lock yourself, and remove the lock yourself as well. This may prove to be a hassle when having to place them in a cramped location. Fortunately Gearwrench makes it simple. All you have to do is squeeze tight to lock and pull the handle apart to unlock. This is one of this tool’s neatest features.

The grips are extra long and cushioned so that they are comfortable and easy to control. Whether you have large hands or small ones, the grips will be comfortable.

Another awesome feature on this tool is its corrosion resistant coating. The metal on this tool is black oxide coated and this helps with resisting corrosion and rust. There’s nothing worse than having corroded and unusable tools when you need them. Even after a long time without use, this tool will remain corrosion and rust free so long as you store it clean and dry (as you should do with any good tool).

These features, along with the reasonable price, make the GearWrench 3793 Large Hose Pinch-Off Pliers our pick for the best pinch off pliers value around. Amazon has them available at a very reasonable price which makes them our first choice as far as where to buy. All in all, we give these hose pinch pliers a big thumbs up and are confident you will agree. Happy Wrenching!

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