The Best Wheel Brush For Making Your Wheels And Tires Shine

Click here to see examples of wheel brushes.
Click here to see examples of wheel brushes.
After buying a set of wheels, it doesn’t matter if they are off the shelf or a custom 3-piece forged set. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if they are polished, powder coated, or painted using a good and durable wheel paint. In any of the above cases, you still need the best wheel brush you can get your hands on to keep them all clean. Whether you have road dirt, mud, grime, or brake dust, a good wheel brush is a must have in your auto detailing tool kit to keep your ride rolling on clean wheels. They are easy to use too; using a simple car wash cleaner or a soap specific to wheels and tires mixed with water in a bucket are the best ways to suds up your wheel brush before scrubbing your wheels clean.

When looking for a good wheel brush, you’ll want to find one with bristles that are medium stiff. Brake dust can be pretty tacky and bristles that are too soft don’t quite have the rigidity to knock brake dust loose. On the other hand, bristles that are too stiff can put micro-scratches in your wheel finish over time. You will also want to get one with an easy to grip handle. Wood is an easy choice as you get pretty good friction between your hand and the brush. Another good choice is a plastic brush with a rubber grip; if you skip the rubber grip sometimes the wheel brush can slip, giving you reduced control.

The Best Wheel Brush

mothers wheel brush
When it comes to selecting the best wheel brush, the Mother’s Wheel and Tire Brush is the we suggest hanging on your wall. It has a nice hook at the end of the plastic body that makes it easy to store when not in use. The hook is also handy when you finish washing with the brush as you can hang it up on your pegboard and let it drip dry. No need to worry mold or mildew development as water retention is not an issue. You can simply rinse it clean when you finish washing your wheels and tires and the soft bristles will be ready again next time you need to wash your car.

The rubberized long comfort grip handle makes it easy to use while wet, so no need to worry about dropping it on the ground when it’s wet enough to collect dirt. The handle has an aggressive knobby texture to aid with grip and there is a rubberized thumb indention between the handle and head to offer additional grip and comfort. The small head is easy to fit between the spokes on your classic mag wheels and it even has a protective rubberized bumper around the head to prevent scratches on the wheels or other surfaces you choose to use it on.

As far as available purchasing options, Amazon’s attractive pricing makes it one of the best values that we have found. Overall, we think the Mother’s Wheel and Tire Brush is one of the best wheel brushes around, and it belongs right up there with leather chamois and wash mitts when it comes to detailing your car. Happy wrenching!

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