Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands Review

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wilmar 6 ton heavy duty jack stands
Provided you have the know-how, the majority of vehicle repairs can be done in the home garage. An essential tool that you will find necessary, especially for gaining access to the underside of your vehicle, is a jack. However, it is important to know that this should only be a method of raising your vehicle. If you expect to perform any work under your vehicle, it is safe practice to use jack stands. For this review, we will be checking out the Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands. The Wilmar Corporation has been around since 1971, employing a dedicated team of automotive experts who design and manufacture a wide range of quality tools specific to the industry. Their expert knowledge in this field is why we have decided that the Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands are worth reviewing!


The very first thing to consider when purchasing a pair of jack stands is the weight of the vehicle you will be working on. Most cars weigh under 2 tons which means the Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands have more than enough capacity for what is required. The Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands, as the name suggests, have a holding capacity of 6 tons (or 12000 pounds if you aren’t a math person). This is ideal for holding up much larger vehicles such as vans and SUV’s. A good rule of thumb to follow when purchasing jack stands is to get stands that have a holding capacity of at least double the weight of the vehicle. The last thing you want is to hear the eerie sounds of metal creaking as you repair the underside of your vehicle.

The 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands have a ratcheting design which allows for easy adjustments. In general, an unfounded fear that many people have with this design is that the levers can so easily be accidentally knocked resulting in the level of the stands dropping instantly and causing serious injury. However, the great engineering process that goes into developing these stands can almost guarantee this will not happen. The moment that you drop the weight of a vehicle on top of the stands, the resulting downforce will lock the settings into place, making them just as secure as the stands that incorporate a pin type locking system.

The Wilmar jack stands have a lifting range of between 15 ½” and 23 ½”. This is ideal for vehicle such as SUV’s and vans that are generally higher off the ground. This is not to say that they can’t be used on smaller vehicles, because they most definitely can. In fact, if you plan on repairing a wide range of vehicles, big and small, these stands would clearly be a better option to stands with lower ranges. You may have to jack a low vehicle a little bit higher than with a shorter jack stand, but this is really no big deal and only takes an extra second.

Build quality

The Wilmar 6 ton stands are fairly heavy, with each stand weighing approximately 31 lbs. This is a testament to their sturdiness as there is certainly no question when handling them that they are indeed heavy duty. Each stand is built with 4 heavily reinforced legs, that provides even distribution of weight. Fit and finish are good, with nice quality construction.


If you are looking for a cheap pair of jack stands just for the sole purpose of propping up your standard hatchback car, you are probably safe buying a 2 ton capacity pair of jack stands. The Wilmar 6 Ton Heavy Duty stands are suitable for the larger vehicles and are high valued when compared to other 6 ton jack stands. The most competitive shipped price around is usually Amazon. We highly recommend these as there are few jack stands in the 6 ton capacity range that have quality this nice and a price this good. This set is one of the best jack stand sets around.

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