Arcan XL2T Low Profile Service Jack Review

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arcan xl2t service jack
If you’re in the market for a sleek, compact and sturdy service jack, the Arcan XL2T is the automotive tool for you. Capable of lifting up to two tons, the XL2T is beefy enough to take on any car, truck or SUV you can throw at it. The low profile of the Arcan XL2T enables quick and easy access under vehicles with ultra-low clearances and features over two feet of lift when fully extended.

Whether you’re a veteran mechanic or a weekend do-it-yourselfer, the Arcan XL2T service jack offers long lasting dependability and reliability that professionals both know and trust. People in the know are aware that Arcan offers professional quality aftermarket shop equipment utilizing American-made craftsmanship and parts. Compared to other toolmakers, Arcan products are unmatched in both construction quality and cost.


The Arcan service jack is chocked full of great features that we really like and think you should be aware of. For example, this jack has a lifting range of 2.75 inches to 24 inches. If you have a moment, grab a ruler and look at what 2.75 inches really looks like. Chances are your car is higher than that. If you have a lowered car (like an air-bagged street rod or track car) that has less than three inches of clearance, the least of your worries is going to be getting a jack underneath it. If you truly have a car that low, you should probably focus more on being careful around potholes and speed bumps and less on floor jacks, however if you do need to get your car in the air the Arcan XL2T has your back. The point is, this jack gets low. In addition, the body of the jack is flat for most of its length, unlike many other floorjacks which slope upward and limit how far you can reach under your car. Another feature that we like about the Arcan is its extra-long chassis. Measuring in at 32 inches, you can be sure that you can easily reach any hard-to-get-to pinch weld or jacking point under your vehicle.

For quick and easy lifting, you can’t beat Arcan’s dual jack pump system. Whether you’re jacking a small car or a heavy truck, the dual pump system makes it feel as if you’re lifting a large bag of pillows filled with marshmallows. This makes it easy for anyone, big or small, to use this particular service jack.


In our opinion, there are very few automotive service jacks that can compare with Arcan’s XL2T. In terms of quality, you know you’re getting a high quality tool in this case because this 2 ton service jack is specifically designed to meet the latest ASME/ANSI-PALD safety standards, which exist to ensure that you are getting a safe tool as a consumer.

Speaking of quality, one item that we really like is the rigid U-joint connection on the handle. Unlike lesser quality jacks, this provides a smooth and easy method of lowering your vehicle. The foresight Arcan had to include such a feature really speaks to how in tune they are with mechanics at large. They know their customer through and through. On a lower quality brand, it can feel clunky and hard to lower. With the Arcan service jack, we found and greatly appreciate that this is not an issue.


In our opinion, it’s hard to choose a great floor jack but this is definitely one of the best values in the 2-ton low profile category. There are few if any jacks that can rival this particular example and when price is concerned the deal looks even better. It can be had on the cheap at places like Amazon and even some brick and mortar stores if you are lucky.

All in all, we think Arcan makes fantastic automotive tools and this two ton automotive service jack fits right in with the rest of their lineup. We can’t think of a reason that you should have any reservations at all when it comes to buying this jack. It’s that good.

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