Best Fender Covers To Protect Your Car’s Paint

Click here to see examples of fender covers.
Click here to see examples of fender covers.
If you’re working under the hood, it is only a matter of time before you scratch, chip, or dent your front fenders unless you take appropriate precautions. Whether it is a tool you set down or your belt buckle, the fenders of your car at easily damaged, sometimes without you even knowing.

Luckily, there is a simple solution. Fender covers keep your front fenders protected and even allow you to set your tools down on the body of your car without the risk of causing cosmetic damage.

Most professional mechanics consider fender covers as essential as any tool in their box. These guys and gals make their living working on cars. Let’s face it, even the best mechanic isn’t going to have a job for very long if he keeps damaging customer’s cars. In our opinion, there just isn’t a good reason not to use them.

When you are shopping for fender covers, there are a few things to look for. The material thickness, the lining material, and the resistance to fluids are the three things that we are most concerned with when we review a new set of fender protectors.

If the material is too thin, there isn’t going to be any protection from dropped tools or accidental knocks from whatever part might come in contact with the fender. Lining material is key to preventing scratches if the cover should happen to move while resting on the fender. Believe us when we say that the protector is going to move. If the fender covers soak up fluids, they can transmit that to the paint of your car. If it is just coolant or synthetic motor oil, there won’t be a problem. Brake fluid, on the other hand, will destroy your paint faster extremely quickly. The less absorbent, the better when it comes to fender covers.

The Best Fender Covers

performance tool fender cover
When it comes to fender covers, we’ve found what we firmly believe to be the best fender covers in the business. The Performance Tool W89583 fender cover is exactly what you need when you’re working under the hood. These make a great addition to any shop and if you don’t already have them, you should.

First, these things are made from heavy duty vinyl and have a foam backer to give a little extra protection. The material is perfect for repelling fluids of any type, which means you won’t have to panic when you have a spill.

The built in tool holders are perfect allow you to set the tools you need down on your fender without causing damage. They allow you to use your car as a tool shelf while you work on repairs and don’t have to worry about inadvertently setting socket wrenches on top of a painted surface.

The large size of the Performance Tool fender protectors is great. Measuring 33 inches X 24 inches, these covers offer maximum protection from bumper to windshield.

As for price, we are firm believers that you don’t have to spend high dollars to get high quality protection for your vehicle’s paint. Performance Tool has really hit a home run here. We can’t find a better option anywhere, at any price point, and that is why we are happy to call them the best fender covers. We’re very confident you are going to feel the same way as soon as you use them for the first time.

Thanks to the competitive pricing, Amazon tends to have the best price for the Performance Tool fender covers. Overall, whether you have a show car, custom classic car, or just a daily driver that you want to keep looking sharp we think you’ll be highly satisfied with the Performance Tool fender covers. Happy wrenching!

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