Best Flex Head Ratchet Set For Hard To Reach Bolts

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When you’re a mechanic, it can seem like no two jobs are ever the same. Different cars have different parts, and those parts can be in very different locations. A tool that works on one repair might not work on the next. Having the perfect tool for the job, all the time, is probably never going to happen.

Usually, the most difficult part of auto repair is actually getting access to what you are working on. Cars today don’t have the room under the hood that cars of the past had. In the fight to make cars lighter and more efficient, car makers use every available inch under the hood. Nothing is wasted. The downside to this is that cars are not easy to work on anymore.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to make repairs a little easier. Specialized tools, like flex-head ratchets, give users access to bolts that might seem otherwise impossible to reach with a normal socket set. Having the ability to choose the correct size ratchet and then adjust the angle of the ratchet head can prove invaluable at times.

The Best Flex Head Ratchet Set

A single ratchet can sometimes have a price of over $200. We know, that sounds crazy, but it is true. Tool companies seem to be locked in a battle to produce the next super ratchet, and the battle is driving prices up with each new model they come out with. The reality is, we don’t need the next super ratchet. There are some really amazing ratchets on the market that don’t cost $200, or even $100. A good ratchet needs to be strong, smooth, and dependable. It needs to be the right size for every job, have an adjustable head, and it needs to be affordable. That’s it.

When we evaluated wrenches to find the best flex head ratchet, we took all of the above in to consideration. At the end of our search, there was only one clear winner. The GearWrench 81230F 4 Piece Full Polish Flex Handle Ratchet Set is our pick for the best flex head ratchet. GearWrench has been building wrenches and tools for the pricier tool brands for years. We won’t say which companies rebrand GearWrench tools as their own, but we can say that you would pay much more for the same product sold by other names. Much more.

The GearWrench flex head ratchets feature 84-tooth gears for ultra-smooth operation. While strong, the ratchets aren’t bulky and the streamlined, tear drop head allows the tool to fit in areas where larger ratchets can’t. In fact, GearWrench states the ratchet heads are 21% thinner than the competition. With 4 ratchets in the set, you’ll always have the right size for the job.

The finish work on the GearWrench flex head wrenches really impresses us. The tool handles are smooth as can be, and the shape fits perfectly in the hand. Applying some torque to the handle didn’t cause any discomfort, even when using the smallest ratchet in the set. The polished finish is as beautiful as any ratchet we’ve seen.

As with most ratchets, the GearWrench ratchet features a reversible drive. The reverse lever is large enough to use easily with gloves on, yet doesn’t get in the way like some big box store branded tools.

Overall, the GearWrench 81230F 4 Piece Full Polish Flex Handle Ratchet Set left quite an impression on us, and we are happy to name it the best flex head ratchet Set.

The competitive pricing at is likely going to be your best bet when buying the GearWrench ratchet set. They tend to be cheaper than most other online stores. Overall, we think you’ll be highly satisfied with the GearWrench set. Happy wrenching!

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