Best Grease Gun To Keep Your Suspension Lubricated

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Mechanics and racers know that proper maintenance is the key to success, both on the road and on the race track. Even trailers need to be well maintained in order to provide years of reliable service.

You can build the most powerful engine on the planet, but without great suspension, your car isn’t going to go anywhere fast. In order for suspension components to do their job well, they need to be well maintained. An often overlooked part of car maintenance is making sure suspension pivots and bushings have the lubrication they need to not only last a long time, but to perform at their highest level.

If you’ve looked at your sway bar end-links, bushings, or ball joints, you’ve probably noticed the Zerk fitting installed on them. This fitting is a one way valve for grease to go in, but not come out. In order to get the grease past the valve and where it is needed, you’ll need a grease gun. The grease gun forces grease into the joint with the pressure generated from squeezing the handle or pumping a lever, much like the caulk guns used by painters and carpenters. The nozzle end of the grease gun snaps in to place on the Zerk fitting, preventing excess grease from spilling out and making a mess.

Grease guns can be loaded manually with bulk grease from large containers, or loaded with prefilled cartridges. Some grease guns are operated manually while others are pneumatic. There are models with flexible necks and nozzles, and others with rigid necks. Many options are available, but really, only one thing matters when it comes to a grease gun-how does it perform?

The Best Grease Gun

With so many features and options available on grease guns, it can be hard to choose one. Honestly, pneumatic grease guns are hard for us to justify. As easy as it is to use a grease gun these days, it just doesn’t make sense to spend the extra money to make the process a tiny bit easier. Flexible necks can be nice at times, but most of the time, the flex in the tools turns out to be more of a pain than it is worth. Solid necked grease guns are perfect for 99% of the projects we have ever worked on.

In our opinion, the Lincoln 1142 Grease Gun is, without a doubt, the best grease gun for the money. All the big, popular tool companies sell a grease gun with higher price tags and fancy options that nobody needs, but why spend more if you don’t have to? Professional mechanics trust Lincoln every day, so why wouldn’t you?

One awesome feature of the Lincoln 1142 is that is can be used with your choice of grease, from any container. Simply load your trusty favorite in to the chamber, prime, and use. Or, if you’d rather, the gun also accepts prefilled grease cartridges. Don’t worry about the seals going out either, as they are impervious to the chemicals found in grease and won’t break down or leak.

Another great feature is the jam-proof toggle mechanism that won’t let the plunger get bent or bound up. The housing and pump head are solid, cast aluminum to stand up to the daily demands of professional maintenance facilities. If you’re concerned with durability, Lincoln stands behind their grease guns with a 1 year limited warranty.

As far as where to buy the best grease gun, we’d recommend checking out due to the attractive pricing. Overall, we give the Lincoln 1142 a strong recommendation and think that you will be extremely happy with your purchase. Happy wrenching!

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