Best Leather Chamois For Drying Your Car After A Wash

Click here to see examples of leather chamois.
Click here to see examples of leather chamois.
Leather chamois have traditionally been used by car enthusiasts for many years to dry their cars after a thorough wash and detail. However, even in spite of the newer synthetic chamois (we bet you didn’t know that chamois is the plural of chamois!) on the market today, true leather chamois are still the classic go-to for flawless drying and detailing purposes. Their ability to wick water away from the vehicle paint surface makes them one of the most efficient tools around for drying your car. As an added bonus, chamois dry cars without the left over lint and fibers that traditional towels leave behind. The soft leather material is perfect for absorbing water, and also leaves your car’s clear coat intact and scratch free. Similarly, they offer a spot-free finish after a proper wash. Leather chamois are easy to clean (as long as you do not get them covered in grease), squeeze out (or can be fed through a wringer), and air dry. Generally speaking they require little to no maintenance, allowing you to take care of them by occasionally hand-washing them in mild soap to make them last for years.

The best chamois are said to be made from real sheepskin leather treated with fish oil. There are many other types of leather and imitation materials that are on the market, but these each have their own drawbacks compared to genuine leather. Genuine leather chamois do have to be treated differently than your typical shop towels, but the performance is a cut above and you get to enjoy that old-school feel when washing your car.

Chamois are perfect for making every wipe count, which means you can avoid drying things twice. Even when completely saturated they will drag off the excess water and leave a streak free finish. If you are looking for a professional grade drying and detail tool, a true leather chamois is undoubtedly the way to go for a perfect finish.

The Best Leather Chamois

detailers choice leather chamois
If looking for good chamois, remember to find one that is made of real leather. One of our favorite chamois on the market comes from Detailer’s Choice. They are made of genuine sheepskin leather, are treated in 100% cod oil, and are clearly designed to last. Due to the French-cut design, they also offer a little more versatility for getting into all nooks and crannies.

Although the Detailer’s Choice chamois are offered in several different sizes, we find that the mid-ranged 4 square foot chamois seems covers enough space, and is not so big that it becomes cumbersome to use (sometimes larger chamois become waterlogged making them heavy). Its ability to not only hold a large amount of water, but to cover a larger area means faster drying, and less chance for water spots resulting from evaporation. For larger vehicles, boats, RVs, and trucks, you can upgrade the size up to 6 square feet for even faster drying if you so choose.

Detailer’s Choice chamois are made by a company that has over 50 years of experience with car cleaning supplies, and is a trusted name among enthusiasts. They make quality products, and if taken care of correctly, will prove to be well worth the investment (which is relatively low to begin with). If looking for a high value, no-gimmick, quality leather chamois, then Detailer’s Choice is worth looking into. As far as where to buy, we suggest starting on Amazon as their pricing tends to be very attractive and that tends to mean pretty cheap chamois. Overall, we think the Detailer’s Choice genuine leather chamois will meet your needs and make you as happy as it made us. Happy Wrenching!

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