Best Tire Shine To Keep Your Tires In Showroom Condition!

What do you use your vehicle for? Are you a hard parker, just cruising from show to show? Are you an offroader looking for every opportunity to climb a hill and run through a muddy trail? Or are you a mix of it all, built for show and go and not afraid to drive your vehicle anywhere? Perhaps you’re none of the above, and your vehicle is just transportation between points A and B. In this case you may not be as concerned with the performance or looks of your car.

However you use your vehicle, chances are your tires are going to take the worst of what you come across. Your tires are what touch the road and they are going to collect the most dirt, grime, salt, and debris out of any component on your vehicle. If you have visible white lettering, or any color lettering for that matter, it will also start to fade and/or yellow from sun exposure and exposure to the elements. But don’t fret. There is a solution to keep your tires looking like they are in showroom new condition all year long. This means you can keep them black and shiny with white lettering that pops and this is done by using the best tire shines on the market.

The best tire shine products are going to give allow you to control how shiny you want to make your tires. If you’re only worried about a show, perhaps you want your tires to look glossy with a high shine. An everyday commuter may just want a medium shine so the tires blend in after a car wash or minimal shine for the daily commute to and from work or the grocery store.

Clean and shiny tires can be achieved with a variety of different products, but our preference is typically tire shine sprays due to their ease of use. There are also wipe on products available, and while these do a nice job they also require a little more involvement and effort to use effectively.

The Best Tire Shine Spray

trinova tire shine spray
When it comes time to select the best tire shine spray available, we’d suggest an 18oz bottle of TriNova’s Tire Shine Spray. It’s the easiest way to give your tires the dark and shiny look you desire. You have the option to select how shiny you want the tires, so if full glossy isn’t your preference, you can wipe some of the spray off after application to reduce the shine to your liking.

The TriNova formula is an advanced coating for maximum protection against the deteriorating signs of aging. Once applied, the TriNova Tire Shine will repel dirt and grime like brake dust and road salt which means you won’t have to reapply as often as some of the competitors. Apply it once and leave it on as long as you need to achieve the gloss level you want. The longer it stays on, the greater shine your tires will have after wiping any excess off.

If you need more than 18-ounces, TriNova does offer a gallon size container and it is made in the USA which is a nice perk depending on where you live. The 18-oz bottle comes with an extra-long tube that reaches down into the corners of the bottle to ensure that you’ll get every drop, which we always advocate for from a value standpoint. Once you’re 100% done with the bottle, you can refill it or recycle the bottle according to your local regulations (which we of course recommend as we believe car enthusiasts should be good stewards of the environment).

As far as available purchasing options, Amazon’s attractive pricing seems to beat out the local guys by a bit and also saves you the trip to the auto parts store. Overall, the TriNova Tire Shine is one of the best tire shines around and we think you’ll be satisfied with the results. As such, we’d recommend giving it a shot! Happy wrenching!

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