Best Tool Bag For Storing Your Automotive Tools

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Click here to see examples of automotive tool bags.
Click here to see examples of automotive tool bags.
If you’re a hobby mechanic or a tool-a-holic, there’s a high chance that you have quite a tool collection sitting in your garage with tools in every color, shape, and size. If you’re anything like us, all of your drawers are full to the brim. If you only work on your car inside your garage, this is a dream situation. However, this doesn’t work so well if you have to go on the road to play mobile mechanic by hitting the local salvage yard to grab hard to find parts on the cheap or you just have to take tools far enough from the garage that’s it’s a pain to walk back and forth.

Even if you aren’t an auto mechanic (for example if you are in another profession such as a professional carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or just have a friend that needs a hand with a project), you’ll most likely need a mobile toolbox to take the essentials with you at some point in time. Since rolling a full-size metal toolbox around every day is not really feasible, the next best option is to get a lightweight tool carrier.

A metal toolbox typically is heavy and often has drawers that easily come open when carrying, so your best bet is to search for a portable bag with plenty of pockets and storage that can carry every essential tool you need safely. Flexibility needs to be a key concern for your new tool bag which is to say that it needs to be able to carry an array of tools, both big and small, while keeping them secure to prevent a spill during transport to the next job. It also needs to be durable so that it doesn’t fall apart over the course of time.

The Best Tool Bag

leathercraft 50 pocket tool bag
When it comes to selecting the best tool bag on the market, the Custom LeatherCraft (CLC) 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag is hard to beat. It has 50 pockets throughout the tool bag in order to carry everything you need and keep your tools firmly in place during transport. 18 vertical pockets on each large side of the bag make it easy to keep track of every tool and have them ready to access to tackle the job at hand. Each side features a double-pull zippered panel that will cover up all 18 pockets which makes it easy to transport or carry without having to worry about dropping tools or losing your favorite adjustable wrench.

If you have larger tools to carry, such as a battery-powered impact wrench or drill, the large center compartment will easily carry multiple larger power tools and extra batteries with the added benefit of a zipper to keep them in place. The bag has a clip for a tape measure and a carabiner to clip extra tools to. One of the ends contains seven pockets for smaller tools such as precision screwdrivers or spark plug sockets, and a durable hook and loop flap that will keep them contained.

The tool bag has a padded handle on each side making it easy to carry like a briefcase for those who only have to carry their tools shorter distances. The bag also features a heavy-duty textured and padded over-the-shoulder adjustable strap to make the it easy to carry longer distances between job sites or to and from your vehicle.

Each bag is hand-crafted with a heavy-duty poly fabric body with and has poly ballistic trim and binding throughout. In other words, the fabric is extremely durable and is resistant to tears which is extremely important as many tools can have sharp edges that can quickly wear through weaker fabrics. The overall dimensions of the bag measure 18-inches in length, 7-inches wide, and 14-inches high. Empty weight is just under five pounds which is a testament to the sturdy build and it does come with a 30-day warranty from the manufacturer.

As far as available purchasing options, Amazon’s competitive pricing tends to make it the cheapest place to find this bag. Overall, the Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment Tool Bag is one of the best tool bags available on the market today and is sure to give you many good years of service. As such, we give it a strong recommendation and think you’ll be highly satisfied. Happy wrenching!

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