Blackhawk Automotive Fast Lift 3.5 Ton Service Jack Review

blackhawk 3.5 ton floor jack
In order to work on and maintain a large truck, car, or SUV, you’re going to need a heavy-duty lift to handle the weight. The Blackhawk B6350 fast lift service jack is the go-to automotive tool for the job. With a rated capacity of 7,000-pounds (3.5 tons), this jack is meant for lifting heavy vehicles with ease. The sleek red and black paint scheme looks like you’re putting a combination of Spiderman-meets-fire-truck underneath your car and feels like it has superhero strength to match. This is truly a great lift, and in our subjective opinion it looks cool too!

Blackhawk has been in the business of making professional lifting tools and equipment for a long time and the B6350 is one of their best (and most well liked) products. As far as fast lift 3.5-ton capacity lifts go, this one is hard to beat. The price, quality, and features make this a fantastic tool and worthy of our review.


In our opinion, this Blackhawk lift has some great features that warrant discussion. First on our list is the bypass device. This handy little feature protects the jack itself by preventing over-pumping. The last thing you want to do after purchasing a brand new tool is to destroy it by going beyond its intended capabilities. With the Blackhawk jack, you don’t have to worry about that as the bypass feature provides built-in insurance.

Another feature that we like is the swivel saddle. Paired with the rear casters, this bad boy is incredibly easy to position underneath any large vehicle. Though it weighs a lot (about 95 pounds), the smoothness of the rolling casters make it feel like there’s hardly any weight to it at all. We like this feature because it is much easier to move around on our garage floor than some of its lighter-weight competitors.

Last but certainly not least, the best feature about this lift (in our opinion) is the fast lifting technology. All you have to do is pump the handle a few times and you’re already at your lifting point, ready to rock. No longer do you have to pump and pump and wait forever to get in contact with the frame of a lifted truck or SUV. The Blackhawk B6350 gets it done in no time at all.


The quality of this jack is evident in its heavy-duty steel construction, which makes it both strong and durable much like its two ton counterpart which was chosen as one of the best floor jacks in our buyer’s guide. When you have nearly 7,000-pounds of metal sitting on top of a jack, you want to know that the material it’s made of can take the weight and won’t buckle under the pressure. This jack does that effortlessly.

Another mark of quality is the bypass feature mentioned above that ensures you won’t damage your jack due to overloading. An internal safety valve like this demonstrates the quality of engineering as there is more to a jack than just lifting a car. Many amateur mechanics have destroyed lesser-quality lifts by overloading them or being unsafe with operating them.

The pump handle itself has a padded rubber grip that most competitors just skip over to save a few bucks. When you’re inches away from the side of your prized vehicle with a steel rod moving to and fro, you’re going to want some padding in case you make contact. It’s even easy on the hands should you forget to wear gloves. This is yet another sign of a high quality tool that works for the mechanic instead of against him.

Overall build quality and finish are great. The welds are even and solid, the finish is smooth and crack free, and the hydraulic system is pretty darn robust.


In our honest opinion, this is a great tool at an even better price. When you compare this jack to similar ones in the same weight class, there are few jacks on the market that can match it. It’s made in the United States, which is a huge plus in our eyes, but has the price tag of a tool made abroad. USA made tools are getting hard to find and we think it’s a great way to support businesses that don’t outsource production. If you are looking for a deal, Amazon’s competitive pricing makes them worth a look. If you want a great, long-lasting automotive lift that can handle monster vehicles, we give the Blackhawk 3.5-ton jack an A+!

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