Camco 44560 Olympian Aluminum Jack Stand Review

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camco olympian jack stands
Whether you are looking to work on your car project or stabilize your parked trailer, you will probably be interested in purchasing a set of decent jack stands. The great thing about propping your vehicle on stands is that it leaves you with more room to safely move around under your car while you make repairs. The other common usage of stands is for stabilizing trailers when they are parked to keep the front off the ground. The Camco 44560 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand is a great dual purpose stand that is designed specifically for easy use. The fact that they are extremely lightweight means they can be positioned perfectly without having to strain your back, so we thought they were worthy of a review!


A single Camco 44560 jack stand can withstand a downforce of 6000 pounds. Ordinarily, you would expect a piece of equipment that can hold such excessive weights to be on the heavy side, but these stands have been constructed with cast aluminum making them incredibly lightweight and cost effective.

The body of the stand is a one piece casting, making the frame structure rather stout. The frame legs are designed at an upright angle and connected corners at the feet, creating greater weight bearing capacity. We should note that this is one of the stiffer jack stands on the market due to the nature of the frame design. Sometimes you can feel a jack stand flexing a little bit when you load it up, but the rigidity of ths structure on the Camco is second to none.

The Camco stand has a height range of between 11” and 17”, and this is adjustable by rotating the center screw. The screw can be rotated using the movable pin for leverage. The pin can be adjusted to suit your angle, and is smooth and polished so it doesn’t maim your hand if you don’t happen to be wearing gloves.

The top of the stand has a small diameter contact pad that picks up a great number of undercar surfaces easily. Like the rest of the jack stand, this component is also designed very stoutly.

On of our favorite features is that fact that the Camco 44560 has a stackable design, so owning a few of them won’t leave you with any storage problems. Just stack them up out of the way in the corner of the garage when you are done using them to save a bunch of space. If you have a small garage, this is a huge advantage over other stands on the market and one of the main reasons we consider this to be one of the best jack stands around.

Build quality

The main body of the Camco 44560 is built from a single aluminum casting mould which gives it more strength than many jack stands with welded construction as there are no embrittlement risks introduced into the material resulting from a welding process. Even though the central screw has been constructed from thick heavy steel, it is exposed to the surrounding elements which leaves it vulnerable to wear if you don’t take care of it. The screw design means that occasional lubrication is a good idea to keep things ship-shape. Overall build quality is pretty good considering the price.


The Camco 44560 stands are a great purchase even if you don’t plan on using them all too often considering their extremely low cost. They are dead cheap and if you head over to Amazon, you can buy them as a set of 4 for a pretty attractive price. While we know they aren’t quite as handy as a ratcheting jack stand, they are cost effective enough to buy even to have as a backup. The fact that they are stackable makes them worth every penny, even if you have to deal with the slightly more tedious process of twisting a screw to raise the height.

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