ESCO 10498 3 Ton Jack Stand Review

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esco 3 ton jack stand
In this day in age, where we have an abundance of resources through Google and YouTube, allowing us to learn almost any skill in the comfort of our home, it is no surprise that an increasing number of us have adopted to repairing our own vehicles instead of using professional mechanics. One bit of equipment that is necessary should you wish to do any work requiring removal of your car’s wheels is a jack stand. One such example that is particularly nice is the ESCO 3 Ton 10498 Jack Stand. ESCO is a multi-million dollar company that manufactures quality products and strives to deliver continuous improvements to their customers. They are not a hugely recognized name and it would be a shame for their products to go unmentioned, thus we have decided to review the ESCO 3 Ton 10498.


An ESCO 3 Ton 10498 Jack Stand, as the name suggests, has a holding capacity of 3 tons, or if you want it to sounds a little more impressive, it can withstand a downward force of 6000 pounds! This would be the ideal stand for drivers of SUV’s, as the high weight capacity would allow you to very confidently hold up your vehicle as you service it.

The ESCO 3 Ton 10498 Jack Stand comes with a removable rubber flat top. This will come in handy when the top becomes excessively worn from constant usage. Instead of buying a whole new jack or risking damage by continuing to operate with a worn top, simply buy a cheap replacement piece of rubber. The rubber pad also helps prevents the scratching of your vehicle. The surface of the pad is designed with nice texturing, making it suitable for sturdy positioning on the varying undersurfaces of vehicles.

The ESCO 3 Ton has a minimum reach of 13.2” and a maximum reach of 21.5”. This again shows its suitability for vehicles in the size range of SUV’s, as this sort of range is perfect for vehicles that are higher off the ground.

There are 5 adjustable heights. The ESCO 3 Ton relies on a strong quick locking pin to lock the stand into the desired position. There is also a ring attached to the pin, making it easy to remove from the slots.

The final feature of the 10498 Jack Stand that we feel we must stress upon are the 3 legged stands. They are perfectly angled for even weight distribution, and each leg has a circular base, allowing for greater stability. This is nice because it keeps the footprint small and out of your way for the most part when working on your vehicle.

Build quality

The ESCO 3 Ton 10498 Jack Stand is one of the better designs on the market. When it comes to general appearance, we have definitely seen more attractive jack stands. Quirky looks aside, when we talk about overall strength and stability, this one is right there at the front of the pack. Strength and stability are important factors when considering a stand, which we have to remember, is going to prevent your SUV from crushing you while you work under it. We earlier mentioned the circular feet that give it that added stability, but the other thing that impresses us about the build, are the reinforced panels that you will find between each leg. The base is also nicely powdercoated, which will prevent rusting and so extending the life of the ESCO jack stand.


The 3 Ton 10498 is definitely not the cheapest jack stand on the shelf. In fact, most stands can be purchased as a pair, with roughly the same price tag as just one ESCO 3 Ton 10498. It is safe practice to use at least two stands when working on your vehicle. Therefore, if you have a low budget you are best picking up a good deal on stands that are sold in pairs. However, if you don’t mind spending more for that added peace of mind that ESCO’s reliable engineering will give you, then go buy yourself two of these bad boys. If saving money is your game, we recommend taking advantage of the typical Amazon competitive pricing that can be had on these. Definitely worth the money when it comes to staying safe! That said, if you find you are looking for a little more height adjustability than the ESCO provides, have a look at our jack stand buyer’s guide to see some other great jack stands that are available. Happy wrenching!

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