JEGS 80006 2 Ton Professional Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Review

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jegs floor jack
When it comes to performance cars, there is no compromising on the parts and tools used for servicing and repairs. It can be quite a challenge finding tools that can perform just as well as your cars. Top manufacturers of tools are continually outdoing themselves, with their experts hard at work developing tools of the future in order to keep up with the high expectations of performance enthusiasts. A great example of the lengths these manufacturers go to make outstanding tools is the JEGS Professional Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack. JEGS started off as a small shop in 1960 and has since become a huge success both making and selling automotive parts. They even have their own racing team! This is why we couldn’t say no when given the chance to review their Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack, a great performance jack that lives up to JEGS’ excellent reputation.


The super lightweight aluminum construction of the JEGS Professional Low Profile makes these floor jacks easy for maneuvering and carrying around the garage. We also definitely appreciate the fact that this jack comes fitted with handles on both sides of the jack unlike many jacks which just have one, making easy to move around.

The saddle rotates a nifty 360 degrees, meaning you won’t have to wiggle the tool back and forth to align it perfectly with the jack point on the undercarriage of your car. This also provides greater freedom of movement when the car is being raised. The saddle also comes equipped with a nice rubber pad to keep your jack points safe from scratches. The jack is low profile, and as the name would suggest it has a minimum saddle height of 3 ½” making it perfect for your car with a low ground clearance. This does not jeopardize the lifting range my compromising on the high end, as this jack is still able to reach a maximum height of 19 ¼” giving you ample room to carry out your repairs.

The JEGS Professional Low Profile jack operates effortlessly with the help of the hydraulic cylinder, which means low amounts of muscle are required to operate these machines. You will only need to crank this lift 5 to 6 times to reach max height.

The two-piece handle gives you a nice 50” of lever arm when fully assembled! The extra length allows you to operate the JEGS while standing up, giving you greater leverage to lift your car without straining your arms (which is particularly nice one the longer jobs like dropping the transmission, differential, or subframe). The lower half of the handle is wrapped with a sleeve, which is intended for protecting your car from damage while cranking the jack. The upper half of the handle is constructed with a knurled grip, similar to what you’d find on barbell bars, giving you a grippier hold and reducing any chance of slippage.

And finally, the lifting power of the JEGS Professional Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack is not to be underestimated because of its lightweight construction. The JEGS has a lifting capacity of over 4000 pounds!

Build quality

The high quality craftsmanship has given these jacks the strength and durability to match similar jacks on the market with higher prices than that of the JEGS. This floor jack has been expertly constructed with a strengthened steel bolted design which is unique as many jacks have welded constructions. The JEGS jack has been engineered to last a very long time, and there will be little to worry about other than the occasional scratch or the inspection of the hydraulic cylinder to make sure everything is in working order.


The JEGS is surprisingly at the lower end of the price range when it comes to performance jacks. There are a number of other jacks on the market with similar quality and functionality as the JEGS, but you will be looking to pay quite a bit more for one of those. Amazon usually has a strong deal thanks to their competitive pricing. All in all, we have no qualms about giving this jack a very high recommendation. That said, if you find that the JEGS jack isn’t quick what you are looking for, feel free to have a look at our guide to picking the best floor jack to see some other options.

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