Nesco Tools 2203 Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Review

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nesco 2203 low profile jack
The Nesco 2203 low profile aluminum floor jack is a long-framed sleek and versatile jack capable of lifting most vehicles with up to 3 tons of capacity. The low profile design of this particular floor jack enables it to get under even the lowest clearance vehicles.

In our opinion, the Nesco 3 ton aluminum floor jack is one of the best quality automotive tools you can own, so it should come as no surprise that we recommended it in our list of the top floor jacks. Nesco, an American tool company, has been making high quality professional tools for over forty years. From air tools to specialty sand-blasting equipment, Nesco makes high performance tools for the serious professional mechanic.

Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a do-it-yourselfer, this jack offers long lasting dependability, high quality of construction and the reliability that professionals have come to depend on.


Nesco’s 2203 low profile 3 ton floor jack is made of high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel and is painted a nice blue color that looks sharp right out of the box. The Nesco 2203 floor jack is made with a nice dual plunger lifting system that enables lower effort pumps to achieve full height.

The 2203 low profile jack uses high quality aluminum alloy casters and rollers that appear well-made and easy to roll around on any shop floor. A built-in rubber pad on the end of the arm protects and cushions the underside of your car when jacking or lowering a vehicle. We think that the ultra-smooth action and easy portability make it an absolute garage necessity for maintaining your vehicles.

Assembling the Nesco 2203 is as easy as it gets. Essentially, it comes in three pieces: the main jack frame and a 2-piece handle. You can easily assemble it in less than five minutes without using any tools. You simply snap the two parts of the handle together, insert them into the jack body and rotate it until it clicks into place. You might need to bleed the system upon first use, but once bled it is ready to go to work!

The one negative note in the quality category is that the Nesco is actually manufactured in China. While this isn’t necessarily an indicator of bad quality, it’s not our preference. Being an American company, we would like to see this product made in the United States, especially for the price. That said, there does not seem to be any compromise made in the material quality of this tool despite the country of manufacture.


The Nesco 2203 aluminum floor jack features a low profile compact design that gets under vehicles with very low clearances yet remains beefy enough to handle 3 tons of weight. The parts that are coated in a nice blue chip and stain-resistant paint look very sleek and eye-catching. Along with the contrasting plated and stainless steel features, this floor jack makes a nice looking tool to show off in any garage.

Weighing in at only 58 pounds, we think the Nesco 2203 floor jack is nice and light but quite rigid and strong. Measuring only 31.7 x 14.5 x 7 inches in size, it has a long frame that easily fits under tight clearances and is easy to store when not in use.

While some lesser quality floor jacks only use one pump, Nesco’s aluminum automotive floor jack actually has a dual plunger system for rapid lifting and easy action. In only nine effortless pumps this floor jack will go from its lowest point of 3 ½” to full lift height of 19 ½” which is pretty incredible. In our opinion, this is the best feature of this great quality floor jack and the one that absolutely makes it a winner.


Simply put, this is one of the best values in the 3-ton low profile floor jack category. We feel that for the price, you cannot find a better product made with the same quality of materials and features that the Nesco 2203 3 ton floor jack delivers. To get the best deal, avoid the specialty tool stores and stick with the big boys like Amazon who have the benefit of economy of scale when it comes to pricing.

It’s obvious from the material choice that the Nesco 2203 3 ton automotive floor jack is built to withstand a lifetime of repeated use and with so many great features, finding a jack that can compete with the Nesco 2203 is no easy task; certainly not as easy as nine quick pumps to get to full lifting height. Overall it delivers brute strength and reliability in the automotive lifting tool world. In our opinion, the Nesco 2203 floor jack’s ease of use, sleek design, long frame and high quality aluminum alloy materials make it an overall fantastic value.

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