OTC Stinger 3 Ton Jack Stands Review

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OTC Stinger 3 Ton Jack Stands
When it comes to car maintenance, it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable or experienced you are at making modifications and repairs, because if you’re not working with safety in mind, then you are simply another rookie who is potentially putting your life at risk. On the topic of safety, if you are planning on doing any work on your car where the vehicle will need to be lifted off the ground, then it is mandatory for you to use more than just a floor jack to support your car. It is considered to be best practice to accompany the use of your jack with at least a pair of jack stands. As experienced guys know, lifting jacks should only be used as a means for raising your car off the ground, while jack stands should be used to support the car while you carry out all essential work. Considering their critical nature, we oft like to review jack stands. A great example of a ratchet style jack stand is the OTC Stinger 3 Ton. OTC is a top manufacturer of automotive tools and equipment that became a sub-brand of Bosch in 2012. We all know that Bosch are leaders in the manufacturing world with typical high quality, so reviewing any of their products tends to be a great pleasure.


The OTC Stinger has a holding capacity of up to 3 tons, which is made possible with the use of heavy steel material. To save you from having to head over to Google for the conversion, 3 tons equates to 6000 pounds (ok, we know you knew that but we like doing math anyways)! As you will most often be using a pair of stands to hold up your car at either end, 3 tons will be more than plenty for your requirements.

The main body of the OTC stand is pyramid shaped to allow for even weight distribution between each leg. The legs of the stand have flat feet welded to them. This provides greater stability and reduces the chance of the stand sinking when used on soft ground (although we always recommend using stands on firm ground for safety reasons).

The OTC can be raised between 12” and 18”. This is done using a ratcheting system, where the handle is operated purely for locking or releasing the center arm. Quick release of the handle will drop the arm instantly, but it has been constructed with an over-center cam to lock the arm into place when there is a heavy load on top.

The main contact point of the arm has a V-shaped platform which is perfectly suitable for positioning on most types of jack points found on cars.

Build quality

The overall build of the stand is extremely good, as is the case with most jack stands that we recommend. OTC has definitely covered all angles to ensure maximum durability. The heavily constructed steel frame is further strengthened with cleanly welded joints between each part. Overall fit is great. The stands have a nicely applied enamel finish to prevent corrosion which will stretch the lifespan.


You will find that most retailers will sell the OTC Stinger stands as a pair, unlike a few stands out there that get sold individually. Take this into account when shopping, These stands are high value and are perfect if you have a tight budget. For frugal shoppers, we most often recommend Amazon as they usually have inexpensive prices shipped on jack stands! So if you are in search for quality stands that will keep you safe under your car, there is no need to spend much because the OTC Stinger 3 Tons will get the job done admirably.

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