Powerbuilt All-In-One 3 Ton Bottle Jack with Stand Review

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powerbuilt all in one bottle jack
When lifting a heavy vehicle nothing quite compares to the compact functionality of a bottle jack. The same can be said for the safety and stability associated with use of a jack stand. For most automotive maintenance jobs, having both a jack and jack stand are a necessity. But what if you could combine the two tools and make an all-in-one, safe and easy to use lifting device?

Well search no further because Powerbuilt has done just that! With the all-in-one 3-ton bottle jack/jack stand combo tool you can easily lift and support your truck, SUV, and even light construction vehicles. You can forget about having to go purchase two separate jacks because with Powerbuilt’s combo jack, you get the entire package in one amazing tool!

We really like the functionality, features, and transportability of this Powerbuilt tool and deemed it worthy of reviewing for both the seasoned mechanic and the novice wrench-turner as well.


Powerbuilt has patented an ingenious design in this all-in-one bottle jack with attached jack stand. We really like how it looks, feels, functions, and performs so we wanted to go over all of the neat features that make this unique tool so nice to use.

First of all, this lifting tool can handle 3 tons of weight on it which makes it a pretty beastly jack. Many customers use this combo tool to work on tractors or even in construction framing. However, it works just as well and maybe even better when supporting any car, truck, van, or SUV.

Another feature that we like is the locking safety bar. When using any type of jack it is critical to have a backup safety device (like a locking jack stand) that can hold the load while you’re wrenching away on your car. More often than not, that means using both a bottle jack AND a jack stand as a backup. The great feature about this tool is that not only do you have both, but you have a third backup safety feature in the form of the locking safety bar.

The Powerbuilt all-in-one jack has a lifting range of 11 inches to 21 inches in height. This feature makes it ideal for jacking trucks and SUV’s with a high clearance but works great on smaller cars as well. In our opinion, this tool is hard to beat with all the features being wrapped into one combination lifting tool. It should be noted that this jack has geometry that will not fit under most sedans or any type of lowered car.


We believe there is not another toolmaker on the market that can compare to Powerbuilt’s reputation of building great tools at affordable prices. The Powerbuilt All-In-One 3-ton bottle jack with jack stand is one of the better lifting devices available.

The build quality of this jack is noticeable as soon as you take it out of the box. You can easily tell this is not one of those flimsy aluminum jacks that could crumple once a load is placed onto it. Being made of high quality steel allows this awesome combo jack to withstand 6,000 pounds of weight and all the abuse you can throw at it.

Powerbuilt products are made with the professional in mind and feature performance, reliability, and finish that thousands of customers have come back to again and again. They live up to their reputation with this jack, and this is the reason we chose to review it.


In our opinion, there are few lifting products on the market that can compare to the value of a Powerbuilt All-In-One combo jack because in a sense you are comparing to the total sum of costs of multiple tools. With a three ton capacity, great safety and lifting features and the durability to handle whatever you can throw at it, this tool is a must-have for anyone who is serious about automotive maintenance on a taller vehicle. Amazon is a great place to buy if you are looking to pay less, but you can also find this jack in some local shops as well if that’s your fancy.

For such a great price, you can afford to buy more than one to make sure you get the job done safely, quickly, and as easily as possible. No one likes to run into surprises when it comes to automotive maintenance so do yourself a favor and pick up the Powerbuilt bottle jack and jack stand combination reliably delivers.

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