Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack Review

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pro lift f767 floor jack
Most drivers leave vehicle maintenance to professional mechanics due to limited knowledge and the lack of appropriate equipment to carry out simple services on their own. However, most of the common services like oil changes, brake pad replacements and changing spark plugs can quite easily be accomplished at home in your garage. The same can be said for any work to be carried out under the car or behind the wheel well, however this type of work will require a reliable lifting jack to get the vehicle off the ground, enabling access to the components that need repairing. The Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack is a great tool for any of you wishing to purchase your first jack or are planning to do light maintenance work. It is built for strength and incorporates some nice safety features, which makes it a great contender for one of our reviews.


The Pro-Lift F-767 is no different from most floor jacks in that it is one of the heavier tools you are likely to use when working on your car. That’s why one of the first things we look at is the ease of transportation. This jack comes fitted with an easy to grip central handle, allowing you to carry your trusty jack from storage to the car you are working on with just one hand.

Another feature we like is the fact that the F-767 is a ow profile and can easily get under low clearance vehicles, with a lifting range of between 3 ½” to 14”. This will allow you to raise most cars including vehicles with performance suspension setups. However, if you’re looking for a greater clearance than 14” to get a job done, you might look elsewhere. SUVs and pickup trucks might fall into the category of too tall for this particular jack.

The lifting arm is powered by hydraulics and like all equipment that uses hydraulics, the hydraulics should be routinely inspected before usage, because any leaks will cause the jack not to function properly (and potentially become dangerous). Unlike other jacks on the market, the Pro-Lift has a patented bypass device fitted to the arm which prevents any chance of overextending the jack. It is also equipped with a safety valve which protects from overloading the jack which is a nice add-on.

The solid steel saddle is right in line with the sturdy nature of this floor jack, and can twist to counter movement associated with the lifting process. The only issue we have with this style of saddle is that they often create minor dents to jack points under the car, but of course there are rubber attachments available on the market that can be purchased to cover the saddle. Depending on the style of car you have, some don’t mind this and some do. It really depends where you prefer to place your jack when lifting your car.

The Pro-Lift comes with a removable handle that is used to tighten and loosen the arm, simply by means of twisting. The tip of the handle comes with a plastic sleeve that will provide a better grip when operating the jack as well as make the process a bit easier on your hands.

The smooth steel wheels make dragging the jack around the floor of the garage much easier. The rotating rear wheels make it a breeze to change direction.

Build quality

Like most of the floor jacks that we recommend, the Pro-Lift has excellent build quality. Built from heavily reinforced steel, giving it the requisite strength to withstand 2 tons of pressure, the Pro-Lift Low Profile jack is guaranteed to last for a long time. The grey finishing coat prevents the jack from rusting, ensuring further durability. The coat may peel with excessive usage. The main issue that is common with similar designs is the breaking of the rear wheels. However, as long as you always jack up your car on a smooth, flat, hard surface, you will greatly reduce the chances of damaging the wheels.


The cost of the Pro-Lift is in line with the average price you would expect to pay for a similarly basic jack. The cost of shipping will probably set you back when it comes to making an online purchase, due to the weight of the product. For this reason we suggest checking out Amazon for the cheap price! If you’re hoping to save some money on a good quality floor jack, we are confident that the Pro-Lift F-767 will fit the bill.

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