Race Ramps RR-56-2 Two Piece Car Ramp Reviews

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race ramps rr56 2
If you’re in the market for a set of top-notch ramps, look no further! The RR-56 Race Ramps are rated as one of the best products on the market for accessing the underside of your vehicle. With a set of these bad boys you’ll never have to worry about your ramps sliding out from under your car because they are billed as “slide-proof” on any surface. They are incredibly easy to use as well. All you have to do is simply drive up onto the flat part of the ramp, chock your back wheels and make sure your parking brake is set. No jack stands are needed, which saves you time and money.

Race Ramps are a division of Brute Technologies, whose goal is to build the highest quality automotive products and deliver unparalleled customer service. Their products are featured in many popular automotive publications such as Car and Driver, Road and Track, and Motor Trend magazines. They consistently win product awards at every single car show they attend- which shows you just how serious they are about making a top-tier product. We really like the features, quality, and value that this product offers and thus deemed it worthy of reviewing.


Every Race Ramp product is made in the United States with American-manufactured raw materials. The quality of these ramps is second to none and when you purchase your own pair, it’s easy to see why. Made out of high density “space age” foam, these babies are built to be practically indestructible and incredibly lightweight. They are waterproof, weather proof, and durable enough to handle a lifetime of use and abuse. Every Race Ramp product comes with a warranty and if you ever have to contact their customer service, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how well they take care of their customers.

Unlike most ramps that are built with a hollow base, these are completely solid. This is great for added traction on slippery surfaces and also because with a solid foam core, they can take much more weight.


In our opinion, the quality of features on the RR-56-2’s is what really sets them apart from other products. As we mentioned previously, the foam construction and subtle rubber anti-skid coating keep these from sliding out when you have the full weight of a car on top. That means no matter what the weather is doing outside, you can be worry-free that these ramps will stay where they’re supposed to be on any surface. We really like that these ramps won’t scratch, gouge, or leave marks on your garage floor, either.

Put these under your low-profile vehicle and you’ll have plenty of room to get underneath. One of the best features is the two-piece construction that enables you to get even more access to the underbelly of your car where you need it most. Simply drive your car up on the flat section, chock your rear wheels, and remove the sloped section. It’s as easy as that. They live up to their name in that they will indeed fit under your race car due to their small slope across their 56″ of length.

Weighing in at around 12.5 pounds each, you can easily tote them around anywhere you want to work on your car, truck, or SUV. They come with straps, too, for convenient transportation in and out of your garage or trunk. They’ll even fit in the back of a Porsche 911 or a Corvette.


In our opinion, no other automotive ramp can compete with the RR-56-2 Race Ramps. Until you buy a set of these monsters for yourself, there is no way you can truly understand how wonderful these are to use for lifting your auto. For the price, you’d be hard-pressed to find another set of ramps that can even come close to offering what Race Ramps has built in the RR-56’s. Yes, we know they aren’t the cheapest, but you gotta pay to play and the peace of mind when it comes to reliability is worth it. Amazon is always a great place to get them due to the competitive pricing.

From their high-quality space foam material to the super-grippy rubber coating, you can say goodbye to your old sliding pieces of flimsy plastic and hello to some of the best car ramps money can buy. We have no reservations in giving these car ramps our highest recommendation.

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