Scepter Pro Ramps Review

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scepter pro ramps
The Scepter pro automotive ramp set is comprised of two plastic ramps designed to support and lift your car up to 6 ½ inches off the ground. The ramps are engineered with a parabolic arch that runs through the center and helps to support and distribute up to 12,000 pounds of direct weight. Not only are these Scepter automotive ramps burly and strong, but they’re also extremely lightweight.

Scepter’s grid design on these pro ramps is designed to let fluids and dirt easily slip through the plastic for easy and safe use. We think this is a great design feature for those of us that store our automotive tools outside and need them to withstand the elements. In our opinion, the Scepter Pro Ramps are lightweight, easy to use and can withstand being used and stored outside.

Scepter is a respected automotive tool company with an extensive background in making high-quality plastic, or polypropylene, parts and tools. As such, their quality is pretty reliable. Retailers of Scepter’s products include a few local stores but their main business is online through places like Amazon. Scepter makes good quality automotive tools ranging from 5-gallon gas cans, oil drain pans and even recycling bins.


Made of high-quality polypropylene plastic, the all-weather Scepter Pro Ramps provide a sturdy yet lightweight solution to getting underneath your car to be able to work on it safely and efficiently. The parabolic arch centered in the weather-proof grids makes the Scepter Pro Ramps extremely strong and stable.

One big plus for the quality of these items is that they are manufactured in Canada. When you get something that has a “Made in China” sticker on it, you usually assume that it was cheaply made and will not last very long. Luckily, that is not the case with these Scepter ramps.

In our opinion, the all-weather Scepter Pro Ramps are a quality-made automotive product that can easily handle the wear and tear of continuous use. They’re easy to move, easy to stack together, and light enough to be able to haul around wherever you might need to use them. They are also surprisingly easy to clean.


The Pro Ramps have a number of features that standout. First, the polypropylene plastic that the all-weather ramps are made out of provides grip and strength when rolling a heavy, wet car on top of them (we should note that working on your car in the rain is ill-advised for safety reasons). Scepter has added plastic stops to the front and rear of the ramps to keep them from sliding around.

We think that a huge downfall of most car ramps is that when you first attempt to drive your car on them, they can slide backwards unless some sort of stop is placed behind the ramps. However, this is not the case with the Scepter Pro Ramps. The plastic material and ramp design really make these bad boys stick to the ground and stay put.

Another great feature that we like about these automotive ramps is their weight. Weighing in at 15.8 pounds, the Pro Ramps are very easy to tote around and store. They stack well and are strong enough to handle 12,000 pounds. We think that the combined lightweight plastic material, strength, and all-weather capability give the Scepter Pro Ramps plenty of great features to boast about.

Last but not least, it’s always nice and time efficient to not have to break out the floor jack and manually lift your car.


In our opinion, these Scepter automotive ramps are offer plenty of “bang for your buck” in the car ramp category, as evidenced by the fact that they are included in our guide to the best car ramps and wheel chocks. For a fraction of the cost of other products, you really can’t beat the price for such a high quality tool.

With the combination of great features and a low price, Scepter’s Pro Ramps provide exactly what you need when working underneath your car. They deliver a lightweight and strong solution to lifting your car up high enough to do most work on any car. In our opinion they are easy to use, easy to move, strong and durable enough for a lifetime of repeated use.

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