Sunex 1006 6-Ton Jack Stands Review

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sunex 1006 6 ton jack stands
All great things come in pairs. Just look around! Jordan shoes, Simon and Garfunkel, R2D2 and C3PO, Batman and Robin…all pairs! That said, this truth is not limited to pop culture and fashion. Often times it pertains to tools as well. In this case, the same is true for jack stands. While they are best fit to be used in pairs, it’s not unusual to find people who operate with a single jack stand. It may sound sensible saving a few bucks by purchasing one lonely jack stand, but what good will that be if the vehicle you’re working under becomes unstable (hint: not much)? Even when you’re using a jack stand with a holding capacity of 6 tons, on a car weighing just under 2 tons, a second stand will provide additional support to help prevent slippage and tip.

When talking about top quality jack stands, we can’t go without mentioning Sunex Tools, who have been in the business for over 35 years. They are one of the elites when it comes to developing and manufacturing high quality automotive tools. As with any good tool company, they guarantee to repair or replace any defective tools, provided the tools were purchased from an official Sunex Tools dealer. As a brand backed by quality tested results and over 3 decades of hands on experience, the Sunex 1006 6 ton jack stands are more than deserving of a recommendable review from us.


Let’s begin from the ground up. The Sunex 1006 6 ton comes fully welded with four evenly angled legs that form a structurally sound base, creating great stability. Another bonus to the legs on the Sunex is that the feet come fitted with pads, unlike unpadded jack stands that can mar your garage floor if it has a soft finish on it.

The adjustable center post, also referred to as the column, is constructed with ratchet teeth which allow you to lock the stand out at various height positions. They have been perfectly cast to interlock with the pawl, ensuring that the post doesn’t retract due to gravity. The saddles on the posts are larger than what you will find on most jack stands. This increases the surface area contact on the vehicle being lifted which is a double edged sword. On one hand it spreads the pressure and protects your vehicle but on the other it means you need most space to clear the saddle wherever you line it up underneath your car. Another noticeable difference compared to most saddles are the locating lugs, which provides added support.

The quick action handle allows the you to lower the jack stand swiftly, which is an advantage over screw type jack stands that require you to rotate the screws.

The Sunex 1006 has a lifting range of between 15 ¾” to 24”. This makes these stands one of the taller variants on the market, meaning you will have to lift your lower cars higher to get these under. Similarly, you won’t have to raise your stands as much if you are working on an SUV. These stands are great working on SUV’s, trucks, and vans especially considering the wider saddle and the high load capacity.

Build Quality

The heavy duty Sunex 1006 was engineered with two things in mind: strength and safety. The precision welding work on the outer shell and the legs is very nicely done. The post has been manufactured from ductile iron for superior strength and support, and the tolerances seem relatively tight as there is little backlash or play in the system. The sexy red paint finish prevents rusting and is well applied to boot. If you are going to trust your life to a pair of jack stands, it’s understandable that you would be looking for high quality and the Sunex 6-tons fit this bill nicely.


Considering you can purchase a pair of smaller, lower holding capacity jack stands for roughly the same price, the Sunex 1006 6 ton definitely makes your dollars go a long way. Even compared to similar 6 ton jack stands on the market, going for the Sunex will still leave you with plenty of change to buy more tools! Amazon usually has very competitive pricing on these, which makes them our favorite retailer to pick a set up from. Overall, we highly recommend this set of jack stands and are confident you will be happy with them.

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