The Best Angled Wrenches For Working On Cars

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Click here to see examples of angled wrenches.
Click here to see examples of angled wrenches.
As vehicles become more and more compact with various engine management systems, the days of sitting in the engine bay when working on your old land-yacht have become extinct. Everything automotive is undoubtedly getting smaller, more compact, and more tightly packaged in order to fit all the features consumers want when it comes to entertainment, optimum power, and higher gas mileage. On account of this, it’s just not as easy to get to every nut and bolt on your vehicle anymore. As automotive technology advances, your tool set needs to advance along with it to make sure it remains functional for modern cars.

When it comes to the challenge of bolt access, there are special tools to help you keep up with the times. How many times have you just needed a little more turn on a fastener to get it unbolted quickly? In these cases, another few degrees of wrench head angle would allow your wrench to move freely and you’d have the fastener off in a jiff. Fortunately, the best angled wrenches offer this feature and allow you to wrench on bolts that are difficult to access when blocked by other components as they enable you to position your wrench properly to maximize available space.

The Best Angled Wrenches

sunex angled wrenches
Sunex Tools has been a steadfast tooling manufacturer since the 1970’s (you remember, the days of the 8-track cassette!). Sunex has designed an outstanding angled wrench set that offers additional flexibility over a standard wrench. The 9914 series wrench set is available in both SAE and metric sizes and features dual open ended wrenches at offset angles. One end is set at 15 degrees and the other end at 60 degrees. The Sunex 9914 SAE Angled Wrench Set is a complete 14-piece wrench set that has sizes ranging from 3/8-inch to 1-1/4-inch. The Sunex 9914M Metric Angle Wrench Set contains 14-pieces as well with sizes ranging from 6mm through 19mm. Each set contains the most common sizes that you will find in your home garage, from your automobiles or other items.

Each wrench set is drop forged for maximum strength and durability. Each end is precisely machined for a tighter tolerance grip resulting in reduced fastener wear during use. Each wrench features a fully polished finish to reduce rust and corrosion and also makes the wrenches easier to clean after use before storing them in your tool chest. Speaking of storage, each wrench set comes in a heavy-duty canvas pouch that helps keeps the wrenches safe and bundled together for storage (or transport if they need to leave your garage). Each wrench has an individual slot in the pouch which will also help identify if a wrench hasn’t made it home with the other wrenches. The rolled pouch is approximately 18-inches in length and rolls up into less than 3 inches in diameter. It can additionally be folded instead of rolled which increases your storage options. All wrenches are also lifetime warrantied from Sunex, and each wrench can be purchased individually if one ever becomes misplaced.

As far as available purchasing options, Amazon’s competitive pricing makes it the place we’d start our search. Sunex makes the best angled wrench set around as it represents an extremely good value for the money considering its durability, fit, and finish. Overall, we think you’ll be very satisfied with a 9914 angled wrench set and as such, we give it a strong recommendation. Happy wrenching!

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