The Best Bottle Jack For Lifting Vehicles With High Ground Clearance

Click here to see examples of bottle jacks.
Click here to see examples of bottle jacks.
Many times when you need to lift a vehicle, a full-size floor jack is your best option. It gives you an easy time lifting a vehicle, but it does require a lot of space to operate the handle and be able to roll it on the floor. What if you have a tight space and can’t use a full-size floor jack? Your next best option is a hydraulic bottle jack. A bottle jack is a small compact linear press that can easily lift a vehicle. It will fit under an axle, a front subframe or transmission crossmember, the jack points of the vehicle, or in tight places that a full-size floor jack won’t fit. They are small enough that they can fit inside the tire well of most vehicles and you can take them along in case roadside assistance is required.

In most cases people will use a small bottle jack to change tires, but it has many other uses. Think of them as mini-presses that can push well beyond what you would expect for their compact size. Need to lift the foundation of your house for repair? You can use a hydraulic bottle jack. Need to bend a frame rail of a vehicle that was in an accident back into alignment? You can use a hydraulic bottle jack. Some people even make support frames to mount the hydraulic bottle jack to (upside down if needed) to make a simple and cheap hydraulic press that has the ability to move slowly with high force. Anything that needs to be pushed or moved in a linear fashion, a hydraulic bottle jack can be used and is a recommended choice in many situations because of their compact size and light weight design.

Best Hydraulic Bottle Jack

torin bottle jack
When it comes to selecting the best hydraulic bottle jack, the 8-ton Torin T90803B Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a great all-around bottle jack that can do just about anything you need it to (and probably a whole lot more). It uses a two-piece handle inserted into the head to activate the pressure pump and extend the lifting ram to a maximum of 5.75 inches. As it extends, internally it uses safe ratcheting heads to prevent lowering unexpectedly. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 8-tons (16,000 pounds), so you can easily lift your full-size Chevy Suburban or your Audi A8L if required.

The Torin models come in a high quality fire engine red finish, and it is bright and easy to recognize in your home garage. Lowering the hydraulic ram is very simple also. Just insert the two–piece handle onto the release valve and slowly open it by turning it counter-clockwise. When lowered to the correct point, simply close the valve by turning it clockwise which will allow you to raise the jack again. The jack housing is constructed from high-grade steel and built to high quality standards to increase durability while meeting ASME PALD standards.

The light-weight design is engineered using the same systems as aerospace technologies and the OEM automotive sector and constructed in ISO certified facilities. All Torin models come with a one year guarantee, and if you need customer support from their California staff there’s a toll-free number right on the front label. The front label also has warnings for best practices to keep you and your vehicle safe during operation, which we of course recommend you follow.

All hydraulics use a high-quality oil to increase corrosion resistance and allows the jacks to operate well between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. If the 8-ton is larger than you need, Torin offers a 2-ton, 4-ton, and 6-ton option as well (at slightly lower cost). If the 8-ton is not enough lifting capacity, Torin also offers a 10-ton, 12-ton, 20-ton, 30-ton and 50-ton option. We should note that 50-tons (100,000 pounds) is way overkill for any car and would make quick work of any semi truck or big rig.

As far as available purchasing options, Amazon’s competitive pricing makes it the place we’d start (especially considering the shipping weight) so we recommend checking them out. Overall, the Torin Big Red Bottle Jack is fantastic in every way and will serve your needs admirably whether you are just changing tires on your SUV or doing more rigorous non-automotive work. We guarantee you’ll find many uses for all the Torin models of bottle jacks, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll use it all the time. If you find that a bottle jack is not quite right for your projects, have a look at our guide to best floor jacks to see some other options. Happy wrenching!

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