The Best Drain Plug Sockets for Changing Transmission Fluid

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When working on your car, particularly when changing fluid in your transmission or differential, you will occasionally encounter drain plugs. Most drain plugs have an indented square female fitting similar to what you’d find on the back end of a socket. Unfortunately, not all drain plugs are appropriately sized for the drive on your ratchet. As such, you may occasionally need a set of drain plug sockets, also known as pipe plug sockets, to allow you to remove drain plugs from your powertrain components.

The Best Drain Plug Sockets

Drain plug sockets aren’t an extremely common tool. That said, they are relatively inexpensive and will definitely save you significant headache and time should you ever find the need to use them. In our opinion, the best set of drain plug sockets are the Sunex 2841 1/2″ drive Drain Plug Sockets. These fit your 1/2″-drive ratchet which will give you sufficient torque to remove your drain plugs.

The set contains 8 sockets ranging from 7/16″ at the small end to 5/8″ at the large end. These sizes are sufficient for pretty much all of your automotive needs and should easily have you covered for a wide range of vehicle and drive train types. The sockets are made from alloy steel and are coated with a black oxide finish to inhibit corrosion. The drain sockets are housed in a small plastic blow-molded carrying case which is a nice way to keep your sockets organized. The case is decently sturdy as well.

Overall quality is good, as is evidenced by the lifetime warranty that Sunex provides on this socket set. As far as where to buy small tool sets like this, Amazon’s pricing is extremely attractive and is worth a look so we most often recommend checking there first. Since drain plug sockets aren’t extremely common tools, it will be hit or miss whether you find them at your local Autozone or Pep Boys. In the end, we think you’ll be very satisfied with the Sunex Drain Plug Sockets as they will serve you well for quite some time. Happy wrenching!

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