The Best Inspection Mirror for Hard to See Places

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Click here to see examples of inspection mirrors.
Click here to see examples of inspection mirrors.
There are countless difficult to reach areas within the entrails of a car’s chassis. Often, hidden in these areas, are treasures such as important serial numbers, indications, or misplaced hardware. If you accidentally drop a bolt, nut, washer, or socket into the engine compartment there is a chance that it will land on something other than the floor. All of the obstructions within the engine compartment may make locating and reaching for the part a challenge.

Similarly, important part numbers are not always immediately visible within the engine compartment or under the dashboard. Often times, these important numbers will be deep within a blockade of other parts and wires where most people’s hands or heads cannot fit.

So, how can we get to this misplaced hardware or these hidden part numbers? There’s a difficult and an easy way.

The difficult way would be to remove all of the obstructions. This means disconnecting wires and removing parts. After the parts are removed and the wires are disconnected it will be easier to reach the hardware or see the numbers. Reinstallation and reconnecting wires will be the final step. If you’re anything like us, this is no option at all!

Using an inspection mirror is a much simpler method. It is a telescopic, thin wand with a small mirror attached to the end of it. By sticking this tool into difficult to reach areas, you can visually locate misplaced hardware and even use the mirror as a probe to nudge it so that it falls to the floor below. Also, you can see obstructed text such as part numbers with ease.

The Best Inspection Mirror

tekton led inspection mirror
With the Tekton 7609 Telescoping Lighted Inspection Mirror, the task becomes even easier. This tool is the best inspection mirror around and has added features that make it an asset to any mechanic or hobbyist’s toolbox. Some of its most impressive features include: a glass—not plastic—mirror, twin bright-white LED lights, and a nonslip rubber grip.

The glass mirror makes for easy cleaning. Also, plastic mirrors are typically not as reflective, they scratch easily, and eventually become useless because they warp and distort the image. With a glass mirror—provided that it is taken care of—the technician will have much better visibility.

The twin bright-white LEDs are wonderful features of this tool. The difficult to reach areas of the engine compartment are typically also extremely dark. The light that these LEDs provide is extremely convenient when searching for hardware and part numbers in these darker areas, especially because it can sometimes be tough to get a normal flashlight beam to light a component up if it is really buried. Illumination makes for much more visibility and, ultimately, a lot more convenience.

With the nonslip rubber grip, you won’t have to worry about dropping and damaging the mirror. Automotive work can be messy as we all know. Even with sweaty and oil-covered hands, the nonslip grip makes for sure and complete control. There is nothing worse than dropping a tool, having it break, and having to purchase it again. This feature helps to prevent that from happening.

When searching for hardware or important serial numbers hidden within the engine compartment or under the dash, the Tekton 7609 Telescoping Lighted Inspection Mirror is your best bet. Also, Amazon’s competitive pricing makes this an extra pocket-friendly purchase. Overall, this inspection mirror is hands down our favorite and we suggest trying out if you are in the market. Happy wrenching!

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