The Best Mechanic’s Hand Cleaner For Removing Grime And Grease

If you’re a person who constantly has their hands under the hood of a car project, you probably come into contact with grease, gasoline, coolant, diesel, brake fluid or engine oil pretty often. As you are probably well aware, car projects will turn your hands black, your nails will get coated in grime, and you’ll be covered in all sorts of dirtiness and fluids after you are done. This is true even in many cases where you are wearing mechanic’s gloves and coveralls as grime seems to find its way onto pretty much any uncovered surface of your body. No doubt, you will need to clean up at some point (which most often seems to occur before your significant other will let you back in the house).

There are many products on the market that claim to get your hands clean after working on your car, but in reality it often takes quite a bit of scrubbing and rinsing before your hands start to look clean again. Of course, the best mechanic’s hand cleaners can speed this process considerably as they are more effective at removing automotive grime from your hands than ordinary soaps.

The Best Mechanic’s Hand Cleaner

gojo hand cleaner
Gojo is a brand that has a storied 70+ year history. Their early products, which started life as alternatives to benzene in order to clean off tar and residual graphite from worker’s hands in an Akron, Ohio tire plant circa World War 2 have since become synonymous with waterless hand cleaner to automotive mechanics worldwide. Their cleaners are used in all sorts of industrial facilities by production workers across a wide variety of industries. Their #0955 Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner is perhaps the most popular in the auto repair industry.

Gojo #0955 is offered in different sized containers, but if you’re a serious enthusiast, it’s probably worth it to take advantage of the one gallon size as that provides the best value. The gallon size comes in a plastic container with a NSF/USDA Classification E4 hand pump, which makes it extremely easy to dispense with an elbow or other body part that’s not covered in grease which allows you to keep the dispenser clean.

The orange pumice cleaner is made from a combination of lotion, baby oil, scrubbing particles that add a little texture to help work dirt out of your skin, and a pleasant citrus scent. The ingredients allow the cleaner to hydrate your hands as it cleans. This is a huge benefit as it prevents some of the dry skin issues that can occur with frequent cleanings when using competitive products. It’s also worth noting that Gojo is only recommended for your body, so don’t use it on your clothes or other items in the washing machine as there is potential for staining.

As far as available purchasing options, Amazon’s price is highly competitive so we’d check there first. The Gojo #0955 one gallon container with hand pump is a great value for all automotive enthusiasts and most importantly, we can tell you from our years of experience using it that it actually works really well! Overall, it’s one of the best hand cleaners out there and we think it will help keep you squeaky clean after you’ve packed up your tools for the day. Happy wrenching!

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