The Best Oxygen Sensor Wrench Socket Set for Easy O2 Sensor Removal

Click here to see examples of oxygen sensor wrenches.
Click here to see examples of oxygen sensor wrenches.
Oxygen sensors are an essential part of a vehicle’s engine. Typically, oxygen sensors are located in different locations throughout the exhaust system. There is usually at least one (sometimes two) located before the catalytic converter and at least one (sometimes two) located in each exhaust manifold. The ultimate purpose of oxygen sensors—as with all the other sensors in a vehicle—is to provide diagnostics as well as provide your car’s engine control unit (ECU) with feedback about how your car is performing so it can make adjustments to your fuel and ignition on the fly for optimal performance.

Whenever that check-engine light illuminates, you want to make sure that the issue is solved right away (you can find out what this issue is by using an OBD2 scanner). There are two possible outcomes when this light comes on. The first is that perhaps there truly is something wrong in the system; a vacuum leak, a sticky fuel injector, etc. These problems should be addressed. The second is you may have a bad sensor that is providing faulty information, which also requires simple replacement to fix. The second option is more common than the first, and oxygen sensors are quite often the culprit.

An oxygen sensor, in particular, serves two purposes. It is an essential part of a vehicle’s operation because it detects oxygen emitted by the burning of gases. This is important because it assures that the oxygen present is within an adequate ratio, and because it detects the amount of emissions being released to the atmosphere.

There are many states that have vehicle inspection programs in place to regulate emissions. This is because some emissions can actually be really harmful to the atmosphere. This is why it is crucial that the oxygen sensors in your car are working at tip-top shape.

Should they not be, it would be necessary that they be replaced. This is usually a fairly simple task, assuming that you have all the proper tools. Oxygen sensors are specialized components that require a specific set of tools so that they can be removed. Generally, the most important tool is an oxygen sensor wrench, and these are often sold in sets.

The Best Oxygen Sensor Wrench Socket Set

abn oxygen sensor wrench
The ABN 3 Piece 3/8″ Drive Oxygen Sensor Wrench Socket Set is spectacular and as such warrants a strong recommendation as the best oxygen sensor wrench set around. It is an essential set to have for the removal and replacement of oxygen sensors. Removing oxygen sensors cannot be done with just any old sockets or wrenches. This set is especially designed for the removal of oxygen sensors. It makes the task quick and easy. And, it also has a few other features that make it stand out above all the other oxygen socket sets out there.

The construction of these sockets is especially helpful. Working on engines can be strenuous and difficult. Sometimes when working in cramped spaces, a bit too much force can cause tools to chip or break completely. The vanadium and molybdenum steel makes the sockets extra strong and durable. With this construction you won’t have to worry as much about these sockets breaking.

The sockets are also finished with black oxide to prevent corrosion and rust, which is nicely applied and even. As you know, corroded tools become less effective tools. Corrosion eats at the metal and diminishes durability. This in effect makes for weaker sockets that will break or chip even easier. Preventing corrosion will extend the length of the socket by a significant amount of time. The finish has also proven to be pretty durable as far as black oxide finishes go.

After a long time of use, oxygen sensors become very difficult to remove due to corrosion and heat cycling. The build of these sockets makes them exceptionally strong and, ultimately, makes removing these more difficult sensors with ease because they can withstand some abuse (which is sometimes requires to unstick a stubborn O2 sensor). These sockets are built to last and they are also built for the most difficult jobs. No matter how stuck the oxygen sensors may be, these sockets will prove their worth.

The ABN 3 Piece 3/8″ Drive Oxygen Sensor Wrench Socket Set is built for tough work. The price of this set is extremely reasonable, and Amazon has pretty competitive pricing that makes for the best deal we have found. Happy Wrenching!

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