The Best Welding Helmet To Protect Your Eyes

Click here to see examples of welding helmets.
Click here to see examples of welding helmets.
If you’ve sat on a rainy Saturday and watched a few of the car restoration shows on television, you know that most of the biggest restoration jobs involve fabrication that includes welding, cutting, and grinding. It can be something as simple as cutting off a rusted bracket with a cutting tool, or something as complicated as replacing the floor pans or quarter panels. Either way, protective eyewear is paramount for your safety to complete small or big tasks in your home garage.

While grinding requires a good set of safety glasses at minimum, the safety requirements for welding are a bit more stringent. Welding requires a tinted shield and face mask designed specifically to protect your eyes and bare skin from burn. In addition to protecting you, the best welding helmets will also fit comfortably enough to wear for the duration of your project.

The Best Welding Helmet

antra welding helmet
Antra has developed an auto-darkening welding helmet that offers protection for any situation you need in the garage. The AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is a complete helmet assembly that has a large 3.86” wide x 1.73” viewing window in the front to view your work through. The helmet is made from High Impact polyamide nylon (a hybrid plastic) for durability and resistance to burn and puncture from flying debris. The large viewing screen is adjustable for darkness, which can be turned to almost clear for grinding and cutting when no tint is needed and full dark when you are MIG or TIG welding and need maximum protection. The darkening feature is triggered by four sensors on the helmet assembly and is automatically started when the helmet senses the arc flash from welding. Sensitivity and time start delay is controlled by separate dials on the inside of the helmet. Considering the safety impacts, we recommend reading the manual and making sure you have strong command over the features of the helmet before welding.

Power for the helmet darkening window is stored in a lithium metal battery that can be replaced as needed. The battery can be recharged via a solar power panel at the top of the viewing area of the helmet and it will keep your battery ready to power the darkening feature. After a period of inactivity, the helmet features will automatically turn off which will help keep the battery charged. The Antra AH6 helmet also has a battery power level indicator to show when the battery power is low and needs to be recharged. Beyond the included battery, six exterior and one interior lenses are included with the helmet.

Additional options available separately to make the helmet more useful include a cheater lens that allows you to add magnified viewing for detailed work and a hard hat adaptor that allows you to attach the welding helmet to a hard hat for the ultimate in jobsite protection.

As far as available purchasing options, Amazon has a competitive price that makes them worth checking out first. Overall, Antra offers the best welding helmet value that we know of and it’s an extremely good value for the money. It offers flexibility for use in many different environments and is a durable product that will last a long time. We think you’ll be very pleased with the AH6-260-0000 welding helmet and as such, we give it a strong recommendation. Happy wrenching!

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