Torin Pro Series 5500 Heavy Duty Floor Jack Review

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torin pro series 5500 heavy duty floor jack
If you are in the market for a professional heavy duty floor jack, look no further than the Torin Pro Series 5500. For lifting large trucks with big tires the Torin Pro 5500 simply can’t be beat. This floor jack makes it extremely easy to get under any car or truck and swap tires, struts, or complete any other number of dirty jobs.

With a wide lifting range of 5.12-inches to 19.3-inches the Torin floor jack is able to sneak under even the lowest clearances and still gives you plenty of room to safely and easily work on your car or truck. You can even opt for the larger model which will give you more than 20 inches of lift. Designed to handle 2.75 tons of weight, the Pro Series 5500 has the capability to lift any automobile you can throw at it.


The Torin Pro Series 5500 has a number of key features that we really like and wanted to review. First of all, this bad boy is made out of durable steel that can withstand a lifetime of use and abuse. Built with the professional mechanic in mind but priced for the do-it-yourselfer, the Torin 5500 is made with beefy steel casters that can swivel 360 degrees. They are stout enough to handle the weight of a truck and provide ease of movement when trying to locate the jack under a tiny pinch weld or narrow frame.

Another great feature that we like is the built-in safety overload system. With a rated capacity of 2.75 tons this Torin floor jack can handle a lot of weight. However, incase you forget how much your ’55 Buick or your M1 Abrams (we’re referring to you, Hummer drivers) actually weighs and you try to lift it, you can rest assured knowing that Torin’s safety overload feature will protect the jack against being completely crippled if you make a mistake. We obviously can’t say the same for your car or your foot, so we’d still of course suggest paying diligent attention to your car’s weight.

The 5500 comes with a sturdy two-piece handle that makes it incredibly easy to transport and store anywhere in your garage or auto. Weighing in at 78 pounds, you’ll get a workout while you put it in the back of your car too!

This Torin is designed with a wider than normal stance that provides much greater stability under a large load, making it ideal for large cars like a Ford F250 or Dodge Ram. You can really feel the difference when compared to a narrower jack; the flimsiness, nervous sweat and nail-biting are completely mitigated when jacking up your car, truck, or SUV with this heavy duty Torin. No longer will you have to rely on pure hope that your measly Sears floor jack can handle the weight.

We believe you will agree when you slide this jack under your car that the feature set distinguishes it as being superior in terms of functionality.


As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. The Torin Pro Series floor jack is made in China but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not of decent quality. Remember, a Chinese proverb states that “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.” We believe that for around $100 you will be hard-pressed to find any other jack on the market that can compete with this one from a build quality standpoint. Both workmanship and materials are pretty decent and shouldn’t steer you away.

As with most Chinese jacks using the “spoke” technology to engage the valve, it is not very smooth when turning the handle in the horizontal or near horizontal position. If you take your time and get a feel for the amount of pressure required to engage the valve, you can look past this “chunky” sensation.

The above is hardly a major compromise in quality though as this trait is more inherent to the design and it is seen in many of the floor jacks out there. This fact is easily offset by the fact that we have found that the majority of customers claim the Torin Pro Series floor jack works just as good as the day they opened the box after many years of use.


In our opinion, there are few floor jacks on the market that can compete with the Torin 5500 Pro Series.For around $100 you just can’t beat the price for all the features that are included. It could be argued that it is one of the best floor jacks on the market from a value standpoint. As far as finding the best price, we typically find that major online retailers offer the lowest cost. As an example, if you purchase the Torin on Amazon, they even ship it for free!

Available in both a 19.3-inch and 20.1-inch lift capacity, you have a good range of lift for any car or truck on the market. Although some people don’t like the fact that it is made in China, the quality does not suffer and this actually makes it affordable for people that don’t have $1,000 just lying around to purchase a floor jack.

Another Chinese proverb states that “A bad workman blames his tools.” In the case of the Torin 5500, you won’t be able to fall back on that excuse. Our advice to you is to give this awesome jack a shot and save yourself some money instead of paying more for a high cost floor jack of similar quality. With hordes of satisfied Torin customers, you can be sure that the Torin Pro Series 5500 floor jack is a great value and worth every penny.

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