Torin T83006 3 Ton SUV Service Jack Review

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torin 3 ton suv jack
As a driver, it is our responsibility to make sure that our vehicle is roadworthy. Whether we choose to send it to a specialist mechanic or do it ourselves, it is important to make sure that our vehicle is regularly maintained and repaired when necessary. Should you choose to save a few bucks by doing your own repairs, you will be looking to invest in a good quality service jack, and if you own an SUV, you will be wanting to purchase a jack with a higher loading capacity. For this reason we have decided to review the Torin 3 Ton SUV Service Jack, engineered specifically for your SUV needs. Torin, if you don’t already know, have been around for over 30 years and are the largest manufacturers of hydraulic jacks in the world. This statement alone is why we feel that the Torin 3 ton jack makes a great fit for a review.


All vehicles are generally accompanied by a spare tire and at least a simple scissor jack in the trunk. The Torin 3 Ton SUV Service Jack is a hydraulic jack, relying on hydraulic pressure rather than turning a lead screw for raising and lowering. While not as space efficient, the hydraulics provide the user with the necessary mechanical advantage to raise and lower the arm of the jack in much easier fashion than a scissor lift. Like all hydraulic equipment, you should plan to check them regularly for leaks.

The Torin 3 Ton has a lifting range of between 6” to 21” and comes with an extra long neck. This will obviously speed up the time it would take to jack up your SUV. It is also convenient should you need to reach a vehicle that is raised higher off the ground. The neck is removable, allowing the jack to be used without it should you wish to jack up from a lower position on the vehicle or when used on a lowered vehicle. The top of the neck is designed with special grooves to enable a desirable contact with the varying jack points on the vehicle.

The Torin service jack comes with an attachable handle which is used to operate the jack. The handle is fitted with a rubber grip, making it more comfortable to use. There is a slot on the side of the jack where the handle can be stored when it is not in use so you won’t have to search every inch of your garage floor to find it when it comes time.

Finally, the Torin 3 ton SUV Service Jack is built with 4 casters making it easier to roll around the garage. There are two fixed larger front casters, and two smaller rear casters that can rotate freely. This is ideal not just for moving the jack along the floor of the garage when positioning it for a job, but also allows for free movement associated with lifting a vehicle.

Build Quality

The metal casting of the Torin 3 ton SUV Service Jack makes this jack a fairly heavy product, weighing in at about 44 pounds. This is of course more of a reassurance from a tool that has the capability of lifting as much as 3 thousand pounds! That is almost 70 times its own weight if you are counting! The casters and axles have a pretty strong build and should last a fairly long time provided proper care is taken when operating the jack. The main fault that comes with most wheeled jacks is breaking of the casters. This is understandable as they have to endure a tremendous amount of pressure during the lift. Fortunately the Torin has an excellent set of casters so you won’t have to worry. The Torin 3 Ton is finished off with an even and well applied red coating, making it withstand the weather elements and preventing the jack from rusting. We find that the coating seems to adhere quite nicely to the casting.


The Torin 3 ton SUV Service Jack is an ideal investment for someone looking to regularly work on their SUV. We typically recommend checking pricing at Amazon, who seems to have one of the more attractive prices around! Similar hydraulic jacks can be bought cheaper but do not offer the same lifting capacity or the neck extension. Overall, for the quality and additional features the Torin 3 Ton service jack has to offer, you will most definitely be getting great value for your dollar. We recommend this with two thumbs up if you are going to work on higher vehicles such as SUV’s or trucks. That said, if you are looking for a jack more suitable for sedans and compact cars, check out our list of the top floor jacks to see some other options. Happy wrenching!

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