Best Electric Floor Jack For Raising Your Vehicle

Click here to see examples of electric floor jacks.
Click here to see examples of electric floor jacks.
When you need to lift a vehicle, you are going to need a jack. That can be a floor jack on wheels, a scissor jack, a bottle jack, or one of many other floor jack variations. No matter what type, the common goal for all of them is that you are going to need to put in some effort to raise the jack. It’s either an up and down motion with a handle, an twisting motion of the jack itself, or perhaps a circular motion to turn a screw on the jack body. Fortunately, if you aren’t much of the manual labor type, there’s a better way so long as you have a 12-volt power source like a power outlet in your vehicle.

With the Black Bull EJ212 12-Volt Fully Automatic Electric Car Jack, which we consider to be the best electric floor jack, raising or lowering your vehicle is simply a button push away. Typically a floor jack is going to require a lot of floor space in order to roll or place the jack under the frame or sill of the vehicle, and then require more space to move the handle up and down. With an electric floor jack, you don’t need to manage your space as much since they tend to be more compact. With an electric floor jack, you simply need the space to position the jack under the frame or sill, and enough room to run the cord to your 12-volt power source which luxuriously prevents you from having to kneel in the dirt to crank on a jack to lift your vehicle. As such, life is much simpler and easier with an electric jack.

Electric floor jacks are great for the most common automotive tasks, such as changing tires, changing brakes, and oil changes. We have seen other instances where they are incorporated into household projects such as raising and lowering chairs, TV’s, etc but that’s a topic for another article.

The Best Electric Floor Jack

black bull electric floor jack
When it comes to selecting the best electric floor jack, the Black Bull EJ212 12-Volt Fully Automatic Electric Car Jack is a great choice that will easily store inside your vehicle. Tuck it away under a seat, in a storage compartment designed for your regular scissor or bottle jack, or carry it around in its lightweight plastic case as needed. The simple push button controller has a 12-foot electric cord that easily will reach inside your vehicle to connect to your power source anytime you need it.

The lightweight design weighs just 11 pounds with the jack in the carry case, has a lifting capacity of 2,000 pounds, and can lift your vehicle between 5 and 14 inches. It may not be suitable for a tall truck or SUV, but will work well for most sedans and passenger vehicles. The jack comes in a durable gray finish and has warning and usage labels for best practices to keep you and your vehicle safe during operation. The attachment clevis on the top of the jack is grooved and will sit over the sill of your vehicle jack point to keep it sturdily in place while using the electric jack.

As far as available purchasing options, Amazon’s competitive pricing makes it the best value in our book. Overall, the Black Bull Electric Floor Jack is a high value jack with good quality that is extremely useful in a ton of situations. We give it a strong recommendation and think it will serve you well over the long term. While we think the black Bull is the best electric floor jack around, if an electric floor jack isn’t quite what you are looking for, have a look at our guide to the best floor jacks for more options. Happy wrenching!

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