RhinoGear Rhino Ramps Car Ramp Review

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rhinogear rhino ramps
If you are one of those home mechanic enthusiasts who just loves to constantly maintain and customize your car, you may wish to consider investing in a set of automotive ramps. The average home mechanic will ordinarily make use of well constructed jack stands which are strong enough to get the job done, but imagine how much time you could save by simply driving your car up ramps developed specifically for the same purpose. There are a wide range of heavily constructed metal ramps on the market, but today we want to review the RhinoGear Rhino Ramps, as they are a bit out of the ordinary. They have been uniquely built within the U.S.A. with a patented design that makes them deceptively strong.


The RhinoGear Rhino Ramps have a holding capacity of a staggering 12,000 pounds. That is equivalent to the weight of over 5 standard sized cars. This makes the Rhino ramps strong enough to withstand the pressures of most vehicles including SUVs and vans. This alone is a great reason to opt for ramps instead of jack stands.

The Rhino ramps are 36” long and 8 ½” in height, with an incline of 17 degrees, making them suitable for low clearance vehicles. Keep in mind the additional clearance that the tires of your car would provide, unlike jacks, where the lifting range does not take into account the tires of the vehicle. That said, if you are running aggressive aftermarket suspension or adjustable coilovers and run your car extremely low, you still might have some clearance issues.

The RhinoGear ramps have been designed with a special Core-Tec non skid base, which prevents the ramps from moving around while in operation. This is very important, as unstable ramps can result in serious injury. Many other ramps on the market are designed to be firmly drilled into the ground. This is a great way to ensure stability of the ramps, but it is not ideal if you only have limited garage space, and would rather have ramps that can be moved and stored away to save on space. Storage is really easy with Rhino ramps as they are stackable. RhinoGear has obviously taken into consideration the vast majority of us who can’t exactly convert their garages into professional garage centers, and we appreciate that.

Each of the ramps has a fairly wide stance of 12”. This creates an unbeatable strength with the excellent weight distribution, but also allows for vehicles with wide tires to ride up the ramps. There are some ramps you may have come across, that don’t take the full width of cars with wide performance tires. This can be dangerous, as the ramps will not have that full contact with the vehicles weight, which may cause a tipping hazard.

Build quality

The combined weight of the RhinoGear Rhino Ramps is 16 lbs, making them super easy to drag or kick around your garage floor whenever you need to work on your car, and of course when the time comes to store them away. The Rhino ramps have been manufactured from an extremely strong structural foam plastic, technically know as Polypropylene. RhinoGear has developed a newly improved patented polymer structural design that makes these ramps equally as strong as similar ramps constructed from metal. The only thing we could really flaw on the build is the non skid base which doesn’t seem to be quite as grippy as the more expensive Race Ramps. Therefore, these ramps are more suited for light weekend usage as opposed to daily pro usage.


The use of cheap lightweight material guarantees that you won’t be expected to spend a great deal to pick up a pair of RhinoGear ramps. For the money, they are some of the best car ramps around. We like Amazon when it comes to finding the best price, but these can also be had at local brick and mortar stores for a few bucks more if you need them in a hurry! So if you’re looking for a sturdy pair of portable ramps, that won’t burn a hole in your pockets, give the RhinoGear Rhino Ramps a try.

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