The Best Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Kit For Swapping Brake Pads Quickly

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If you’ve ever worked on a vehicle that had disc brakes (aka most modern vehicles), then you know just how hard it can be to swap brake pads and rotors without the right tools. And before you ask, no, the crazy universal cube is not the right tool, unless your aim is to be continuously frustrated.

The truth is, disc brakes are hard to deal with sometimes. During a pad change, some calipers allow you to push the piston back in using only linear force (usually front calipers). However, other calipers (usually rear calipers) tend to require you to spin the piston in addition to applying force in order to get the piston to retreat back in to the caliper so you can slide your new pads in. This can be a chore when you don’t have the tools you need, especially if you want to keep your skin firmly attached to your knuckles where it belongs.

There are several options for retracting your caliper piston. Gimmick tools such as the cube should be your last resort. Instead, we recommend you look in to a high quality set of brake piston wind-back tools. Many tool manufacturers offer universal kits that contain different adaptors to match up to the pattern on the brake piston you are working on.

Unfortunately, most of these universal tools aren’t made to high quality standards and can be frustrating to use for this reason. When the dowels don’t completely line up with the holes in the piston, the tools can slip and do more harm than good.

Luckily, not all wind-back tools are created equal. There are several that will do the job very well, and there is one kit in particular that we recommend to anyone that works on brakes.

The Best Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Kit

neiko brake caliper wind back tool kit
There are a lot of things to consider when you are buying a new tool. Material, toughness, finish, intended use and cost are all very important. After all, poor quality tools, at any price, are never a good deal.

Fortunately, the Neiko 20733A Disc Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Kit is available at a price anyone can afford, and offers the qualities of much higher priced tools. Simply put, this caliper wind-back kit is top shelf.

The 12 piece kit contains adaptors to fit all domestic, European, and Japanese cars on the road today. The versatility makes it easy to use no matter what kind of car you drive whether it is BMW, Honda, Chevy, or Ford.

The T-Handle tool with thrust bolt could not be safer or easier to use. Gone are the days when you tried to use a brake cube while pushing in with a ratchet. This tools locks in place and keeps your hands safe.

All components in the Neiko disc brake kit are made of high quality steel. The fit on every adapter we tried was dead-on perfect. The dowels all lined up perfectly and made using this tool effortless.

To say we are impressed with the Neiko kit would be a huge understatement. We have bashed our knuckles in on brake components enough to know a good thing when we see it. Using this tool takes all the risk of injury out of doing a brake job (we can’t repeat this fact enough).

To add a little something extra to the package, Neiko puts all the components to this kit in a nice blow molded plastic case. Sometimes, we aren’t fans of tool cases, but they are nice when you have a kit with 12 small pieces that could otherwise get lost. The low profile case is easily fits in most tool box drawers and is sturdy enough to last.

In addition to being happy with the performance, we are also happy with the price. Amazon tends to have solid prices which makes them a good way to find one inexpensively, so we recommend starting your search there. Overall, the Neiko Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Kit is the best brake caliper wind back kit around, and we think you will appreciate it as much as we do when using it on your next brake job. Happy wrenching!

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