The Best Half Moon Obstruction Wrench Set For Difficult Bolt Access

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Click here to see examples of half moon obstruction wrenches.
Click here to see examples of half moon obstruction wrenches.
Hand space when repairing your car can become difficult to come by on the later model vehicles. Engine bays are feeling smaller and smaller as more electronic components and features are being packed into every nook and cranny with any semblance of space. In light of this, finding the right tools is also becoming more of a challenge as the standard socket and ratchet aren’t always ideally suited to working in tight spots under your hood. One type of specialty tool that can replace a wrench or a ratchet when working in a confined space is a half moon obstruction wrench, which crescent shaped to allow access to otherwise unreachable fasteners similar to the way that angled wrenches or offset wrenches do.

Half moon obstruction wrenches have a standard wrench head on each end, but the shape resembles a crescent, hence the “half moon” name. The ends can be open or boxed and can be the same size on each end or vary depending on the set you choose. Half moon obstruction wrenches add options for different angles and hand positions that normal wrenches can’t offer when turning a fastener. While there are many different options on the market, we’ve taken some time to review our favorite set with the hope of taking some of the guess work out of your search if you are interested in picking up a set of obstruction wrenches.

The Best Half Moon Obstruction Wrench Set

sunex half moon obstruction wrenches
Sunex offers the 9935 standard 5-piece set of half moon obstruction wrenches that encompass the most common fastener sizes used in the automotive industry. The set is available in both SAE sizes and metric sizes. The complete 5-piece set is made from drop forged steel that is polished to a mirror finish which creates an easy to clean surface and a wrench that will be durable and long lasting. Each wrench is conveniently labeled with the size, which makes it easier to grab the correct wrench when you need it.

Each set of wrenches comes in a heavy-duty canvas bag that will keep the wrenches dry and organized when not in use. Each wrench features a different sized 12-point head on each end to cover more fastener sizes with fewer tools (which means they take up less space on your shelf). SAE sizes are 5/16-inch x 3/8-inch, 7/16-inch x 1/2-inch, 9/16-inch x 5/8-inch, 11/16-inch x 3/4-inch, and 13/16-inch x 7/8-inch. Metrics sizes include 8mm x 10mm, 11mm x 13mm, 14mm x 15mm, 17mm x 19mm, 21mm x 22mm. Each set weighs around 2 pounds including the bag and is small enough at 9-inches long by 5-inches wide to easily fit in a cabinet, tool chest, or perhaps under a seat in your car for emergencies.

As far as available purchasing options, Amazon’s competitive pricing makes it the first place we’d suggest looking. Overall, Sunex offers one of the best half moon obstruction wrench sets around. Whether you need SAE standard or metric, or both, we think you’ll be quite pleased with these sets as they will last pretty much forever and expand your capabilities which will hopefully result in fewer frustrating bolts and fewer swear words uttered on your next car project. Happy wrenching!

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